You not only can split infinitives these days but you can also end sentences with a preposition so some "experts" say. Of course, the well-educated person will avoid these situations if possible. To only know one way of writing English is not what Shakespeare wanted.

For those who don't think Elvis Presley was a good singer, go to YouTube and listen to these Elvis songs:

"From Rags to Ritches"
"Stand by Me"

to name a few.

He was an underrated singer by many as they only heard songs like Jailhouse Rock or Hound Dog. Elvis also did a number of gospel songs and, in fact, his only three Grammy Awards were all for gospel songs he sang. He still has millions of fans all over the world who think he could sing a more variety of songs than most singers of today.

Your allowed to split infinities now and I do it the odd time. If the reader doesn't understand, he still won't understand if you switch the words around.

I just thought of an idea as I started this message, honest to God. I have a poetry website that I just thought of doing something very personal with it. I am going to dedicate it to the memory of Elvis Presley. I am nuts over his singing. I could have done this years ago and it never dawned on me. That will make my site very personal to me, which as a motivation factor, keeps my connection with Elvis alive. Now I'm wondering if my going on this forum had anything to do with the idea. Now that would be nuts but I would be willing to give my idea a try.

Also try to learn the parts of speech as written in a sentence. It might be difficult but you seem to write your messages ok.

OK, I should be able to do that. Thanks for your patience.

I think at the time I was reading a bunch of threads and wanted to reply to one specific post. How do I do that if there is no reply screen showing?

I am new on this forum. If I want to reply to someone's message, what is the proper thing to do so I can reply to a message posted on the forum? What icon or link do I click on to make a reply to someone's post?

I don't say or write "ain't" unless I am doing it deliberatly to make a point more emphatic sometime. I was taught not to use the word and, by habit I guess, I never did most of my life. I think people use it like the famous 4 letter F-word, to make it quicker than using a proper conjunction and people still understand what you are saying.

I chew a lot of Stride gums. It seems to last a long time.

Thank you for this info. This was good news for me. I am going to try to learn HTML5 and make gradual changes to my sites. I have been so busy I haven't had time for learning lately.

I went to the page and did not see a clickable background; it may be that the page has been updated.

I am wondering if I could start incorporating HTML5 tags on pages that are HTML designed from 10 years ago or would it be best that I start using HTML5 to re-design all my pages. The website I am wondering about is I use a lot of <center> and <font> tags which I understand you don't use with HTML5.

I wonder if they will find out what really caused this accident. It seems stupid that a couple of guys had to die for nothing ... just getting from A to B ... yesterday we had an accident in my area where 4 teens died in a car accident caused by speeding. I think there should be more speed controls imbedded in a car's computer.

Gribouillis commented: +1 for speed control +0

I am new here. My sites could use some improvement and on the very first page that I viewed in this forum, I learned all kinds of stuff already. I haven't been able to contribute much to web develops forums because I am sort of an amateur. I'll try my best to help out and learn too.