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hi guys..
I got a work need to be done which being asked by one of my client.

My prolem is that he want to make a video sharing site like Youtube but with the certain features.

What did he want is that, any user will be only allowed to upload at most 3 video.If the user want to upload more than 3 video than he/she need to become the premium member which he/she need to pay for that.

So, i ever come across the free script like phpmotion and vshare, but could I change them to meet the desire of my client like i stated above??

Hope someone could help me out.

Thank you :)

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so if it is like that..

i only allow to write that code in this way each time i want to close and want to begin the new PHP tag :


instead of


is that what you are trying to say?

samsons17 -4


i cannot see any problem with this...
seem you already knew that how to declare the class and build the object and so on...
is that you have any problem about how to write the code?
If you got the problem in your coding..
you suppose to show your code first,so that the others could help you....