I'm stumbling around trying to understand what it means by garbage. Is Google calling their own Go language garbage???

Two people both change when they rub up against each-other, I suppose. Let's find out.

I have to work with a lot of people who are smart-butt enough to fall under that first bullet point.

'Aint that the truth.

Thanks! My intro is modeled after Hatake Kakashi's intro from the Naruto Anime.

I thought this might have been a news article concerning the capabilities of that new x10 thing from Sony. Guess not, just an opinionated article. Oh well. I just turned 17 a couple days ago and will be a high school graduate within the next five or so months. One thing I am known for is being something of a 'grammar Nazi' (an individual who typically corrects spelling and grammatical errors quite frequently). I'm also known for being something of a computer wizard that discriminates everyone who pulls out their cell phones under their desks and text maybe twenty people every thirty seconds. I don't text at all. I use the modern cellphones for things like their web-browser. I am fundamentally hunting for a cell phone that can interact with the internet quickly and efficiently. Laptops these days are now considered clunky, and internet options on-the-go are quite limited still, however cell phones, such as the iPhone, have introduced the ability to connect to networks that will communicate with the internet, sometimes better than a laptop. I love the internet. I use it to read things like tech news articles (you insinuated that you didn't like blogging; that's what this is), to find newer software, educational texts, and so on. If I remember right, the iPhone requires a program language called J2ME to do any programming of apps or what-not for it. I'm not much into that language. I want to be able to make programs that I can use ...

Ooh, that does sound sexy. I must have!

Interfacing the game console with your emotions sounds decidedly interesting. One point of interest is the shutting off the console when bored. That would make my day. For a character on the console to be in such direct interface with the player is something of a dream to many of us 'hardcore' RPG players.

Hah! That's amusing. It sounds like something my mother would do. No, seriously. She will buy every app under the sun that looks cool

Hello. I am Chase Bonvie, but I browse as Chase Network. I am currently studying C++ with a side-dish of JavaScript to maintain my AFJROTC corps' website.

I like coffee, as long as it's black. I also like all sorts of tea.

I dislike, no, hate everyone who drinks my coffee.

My hobbies include drinking coffee, listening to coffee cooking, making tea, smelling tea, smelling coffee, studying computer programming topics, and design/building my own software.

My dreams include joining the 24th Air Force as a Computer Systems Programmer. After retiring honorably form there, I will go on to either the NSA or maybe a game development company. During all of that, I intend to design and build software to sell as a side job. Maybe create a game by myself.

My current sources of study are as follows:
JavaScript: The Missing Manual (David Sawyer McFarland)
Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Second Edition (Michael Dawson)
C++ All-in-One for Dummies (John Paul Mueller & Jeff Cogswell)