I'm sure there is a VBA approach to this, but you could also make a macro with 6 lines in it.

Make a new Macro and use the following:

SetWarnings = No
OpenTable = table you want to remove all records from
RunCommand = SelectAllRecords
RunCommand = DeleteRecord
Close = choose table and specify table you just opened
SetWarnings = Yes

After the macro is made, make a command button and assign the macro to it.

No need to use a query to do this.

Good luck

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You need to work out the legality, but here is the picture. It was a bunch of images ordered within the Word doc.

Pupils are black, irises are different colors. The problem with doing this technique though is you lose that little spot of light (reflection) that all pupils have. It is very obvious when someone just paints over the red.

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Just ask, not sure if I can help, but I'll try.

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I teach classes, but they are just 1 day classes that comprise 7 hours of a subject. There are 5 levels of photoshop that each are 7 hours long. For other subjects there might only be 2 or 3 classes. It is in my opinion a better way than a long class. Books are also great but unfortunately there are many books that dont do a good enough job of explaning why certain things do what they do which helps in using the software fully.

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Once you have the auto shape on the slide selected, make sure you have the drawing toolbar out. It should appear at the bottom of the screen. If you don't have the drawing toolbar out, choose View --> toolbars --> drawing. The last button on the right of the drawing toolbar is 3d styles. click on that button to see a bunch of 3d styles. There is a text button within the 3d styles button called 3d settings. click on that and you can specify how much you want the 3d object to rotate, whether you want wire frame or a bunch of other settings.

For anyone who said that Powerpoint does not have 3d options, you should not answer when you do not know the program. That has been in the program since at least powerpoint 97.