Putting twitter icon your website and more people will follow you in twitter when you write something useful or valuable. You will gain more traffic as your followers who are getting more and more. Do note that spamming followers are not very useful and you should try to have more followers that sincerely do want to read your tweets.

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Well, the methods suggested are always find a high pr blog, posting comments in blog, participate in forum, blah blah blah

And the most fundamental key is always having a unique and useful website content. You can save a lot of hard work by having great content as people will automatically link to you. Use link bait to help you in gaining free traffic.


Ya, your content must something useful and valuable before submitting to directories. If you are too rush in submitting your article to directories without completing and furnishing your articles, it will not be very helpful.

Submit your articles to directories which have high pr value will be useful. Go ahead and submit to all directories (maybe top 100) with high pr value (free ones will do) as there is no harm to do an extra work submitting your articles to directories which may increase your backlinks and page rank.


The more backlinks you have the better your pr will be but it depends on the quality of your backlinks. Backlinks from high pr website will generally give you a more quality backlinks. You can read more about pr at wikipedia if you wish to as there are nice explanation on how pr works.


I'm new to digg and stumble upon as i only use facebook and twitter for my website. Can anyone explain to me what is the main difference between stumble and digg? And also how digg and stumble upon get more traffic to your website? Thanks :)


To promote your website in a short period of time, you definitely need to spend a certain amount of money on advertising your website. Without spending money, you will need some time to get more inbound links and let search engine slowly crawl and rank your website.


If you're willing to pay, buying banner ads in other website and using google adwords are effective.

If not, i think posting comments on forum and blogs or participating in yahoo answer will be very much helpful to drive more traffic. You can consider making your own videos to promote your website too if possible.


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To explain this concept without going into too much technical detail, it is best to think of PageRank as being comprised of two different values. One value, which we'll call "General PageRank" is nothing more than the weighting given to the links on your page. This is also the value shown in the Google Toolbar. This value is used to calculate the weighting of the links leaving your page, not your search position.

The other value we'll call "Specific PageRank." You see, if PageRank equated to search engine results rank then Yahoo, the site with the highest PR, would be listed #1 for every search result. Obviously, that wouldn't be useful, so what Google does is examine the context of your incoming links, and only those links that relate to the specific keyword being searched on will help you achieve a higher ranking for that keyword. It's very possible for a site with a lower PageRank to in fact have more on-topic incoming links than a site with a higher PageRank, in which case the site with a lower PageRank will be listed above its competitor in the search results for that term.

Nice explanation, i've learnt something that is new and really useful to me through this post.