I might try to rewrite it, and only include what I personally find really productive. Alright, thanks guys.


I found a very useful app on the web. Downloaded the .class file and was just wondering if it would be possible to somehow put that app on my phone. It's a Nokia E5 and I'm certain it has java.

Please advise.

Thank you.

I'll think about it and see what other people have to say. Thank you.

[QUOTE=farooqaaa;1211130]I recommend you this book:



I will take in deep consideration your suggestion. However, when I visited the website and read some of the info on there, the author states [QUOTE]The book takes a detailed look at C# versions 2 and 3. It assumes a reasonable level of knowledge on C# 1, which enables experienced developers to avoid wasting time and money on material they already know.[/QUOTE]

I understand where he's coming from, but unfortunately I am not, yet, "an experienced developer". Not even in Java, I would not say so, and light years away from being a C# one. I will definitely keep this book in mind though, just in case I happen to need a reference book in the future. Thank you.

[QUOTE=powerbox;1211226]If you really like using Microsoft provided technology you can download their free IDE's , the visual express editions. I think you're pretty confident enough with your OOP understanding and technically speaking you should not have any problem jumping around from PL to PL if your basic is good. You just need to familiarized the differences of the PL you're currently using.

You need to decide what framework you want to master first if it is java or .net. If you're going with C++ I suggest you familiarized yourself with the Boost Library and GDK. Visit every major site provided by Microsoft , Sun and for C++ Boost and GDK to start programming with the PL they support and you'll find your way up from then on.

By the way I love the web cast provided by msdn and the expert advice from their videos.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for the plethora of info. You do however mention C++ as it should be my primary choice? Isn't C# sort of a father to C++ and therefore by learning C# I'll be able to comprehend most of C++? I thought MS created C# using C++? Which one should I start with ? C++ or C#? As far as I'm reading, C# is " the new thing" for all of the modern and sophisticated software out there. Thank you.

Hello everyone,

I'm a high school student highly interested in computer science in general. I've already taken two Computer Science AP classes, both in Java. I took the Computer Science AP exam last year and got a 5 on it, so I'm OK when it comes to Java. Not too long ago I started looking for a college major. Computer Science was definitely my choice, however because I got a tuition waiver from the school I'm going to, I decided to try Computer Security as well (Haven't added that yet. Was thinking about making a post to ask you guys what do you think I should add as a second major, so feel free to suggest. Thank you.) I looked deeply into both subjects and it seems like C, C++ and especially C#(in the future most likely) are widely spread and used. That's where the problem occurred. It's a good thing that I already have experience with pretty much everything when it comes to OOP. I'm well aware of pretty much everything that is essential to OOP: inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, structures, interfaces, enumerations and exceptions. I know I'm going to have some courses that will introduce me to those as well as .NET but I wanted to get good at it by the time that happens. Enough history, let's get to the point. What do you think I should start with? I'm definitely going to need a book to read from(and hopefully exercise). I know the ultimate tool would ...

Hi Guys, I'm a brand new user to Dani Web.. I was browsing the web looking for a script somewhat like this one. I hope someone will actually look back at this and reply. Here's my query:

I have a website where people can subscribe to get daily updates. However, I recently decided to do something to boost up my subscription numbers. I decided to give away a free gift to every subscriber. The only thing is that I'm not very good at xml or php, but I know it's doable. I just want to save the addresses and the names of every subscriber. I don't have my own host, therefore I can't install anything. I was just wondering if It's possible. I know I can redirect the form action to a php function where it can create or just edit an xml document and add the strings that were entered in the form, however my form action to subscribe people, therefore I can't change it?

Is it possible to use Javascript to save the values as cookies and then write those cookies in a txt file? I know I need Java to write anything on the hard drive.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much.