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hi everyone.

been a while since i have been on here, alot has changed.

I am in the middle of amending/adding features to an installer using python.

I have the dropbox API (for business) set up and working, upload and downloading without issue.

The potential issue i see is during the progress of either up/down the CLI sits, does nothing.

So my question is (as i am still finding my way with all that is Python), how can i add a progress bar?

For download and can use the API call to get the metadata file_size if that helps?

PS, I am not sure if i oisted this in the right thread

As Gerbil has suggested, use the administrator account to reverse it

you will need to have an administration-rights account


cacls virus /t /g Everyone:f

Removing the /e switch will replace the ACL instead of editing it, else try loading a WinPE env, and running CACLS from there

80gb is ample for Win7. Typically W7 x86 will use just under 8GB, x64 i beleive from memory is about 13/14GB

Here is a script that you could try:


Or you could opt for powershell

i would suggest you scheduled tasks

After much head banging. I changed approach and used my working VB Script and the unattend.xml FirstLogonCommand.

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Hi all, its been a while since i have been on DW.

I have started tasking MDT deployment.

The issue i have is i need to capture a user input, for example a custom serial number.

This will then be passed into the registry hive for OEM'ing.

I have a VBS file that does all of this, the only thing is a standard VBS file cannot be used in the MDT Wizard.

Any ideas how this can be done?

I have looked at the Wizard editor, but there is no supporting documentation what so ever.

your missing "PHP" from your tag:

echo ?> <a href="form.html">Click here</a> to try again. <? ;
Should be:

echo ?> <a href="form.html">Click here</a> to try again.

Or change the line completely:

echo "<a href='form.html'>Click here</a> to try again";

Check your ENV path.

show what code you have.

I am a little confused.

Why would you display info from the database, to then copy it back to the database???

Am i missing something here? :)

Also you have a mix of MySQLi and MySQL.

It is also stated in the forum rules as well :)

albanclesh commented: sorry! i didn't read the forum rules before +0

That is because your code is upper casing the first letter, then making them all lower case

Swap these around:


to be:



while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
    $txtname = ucwords(strtolower($row['First.Name'])) . '-' . ucwords(strtolower($row['Last.Name'])); 
    $newstring = str_replace(" ", "-", $txtname);

    echo'<div class="cat-post-desc"><h3>
        <a href="' . $newstring . '.php">' . $row['First.Name'] . ' ' . $row['Last.Name'] . '</a>

} /** <-- You need to close your while loop

And include the $txtname & $new string in your loop

This line:

$txtname = "'. ucwords(strtolower($row ['First.Name'])) . '-'. ucwords(strtolower($row ['Last.Name'])) . "; 

should be:

$txtname = ucwords(strtolower($row['First.Name'])) . '-' . ucwords(strtolower($row['Last.Name']));

you have a mix of $_GET and $_POST in the same scripts! One or the other fella :)

Here is a simple gallery tutorial, identical to what you are trying to do :

if you dont have PHP in your env variables, you need to use the full path to PHP

Are you sure your POST data is populated?
try dumping the content of POST: var_dump($_POST);

post the code



Sorry i think i had miss undrstood what you were after ^_^.

prestashop is good for ecommerce - in my opion :)


Backticks are requied when the naming is a reserved MySQL word.


have you set your DB column for the Username as UNIQUE?

you will also need to compare $username to an array of stored usernames from the DB

could you not use a pop out window?

have a look at the upload file from line 75 onwards, this is well documented on how this works, if you read the comments.

Use $dir_dest to set your upload directory


$dir_dest = "my_path_to\my_destination\Folder\";

// ---------- SIMPLE UPLOAD ----------

    // we create an instance of the class, giving as argument the PHP object
    // corresponding to the file field from the form
    // All the uploads are accessible from the PHP object $_FILES
    $handle = new Upload($_FILES['my_field']);

    // then we check if the file has been uploaded properly
    // in its *temporary* location in the server (often, it is /tmp)
    if ($handle->uploaded) {

        // yes, the file is on the server
        // now, we start the upload 'process'. That is, to copy the uploaded file
        // from its temporary location to the wanted location
        // It could be something like $handle->Process('/home/www/my_uploads/');

        // we check if everything went OK
        if ($handle->processed) {
            // everything was fine !
            echo '<p class="result">';
            echo '  <b>File uploaded with success</b><br />';
            echo '  File: <a href="'.$dir_pics.'/' . $handle->file_dst_name . '">' . $handle->file_dst_name . '</a>';
            echo '   (' . round(filesize($handle->file_dst_pathname)/256)/4 . 'KB)';
            echo '</p>';
        } else {
            // one error occured
            echo '<p class="result">';
            echo '  <b>File not uploaded to the wanted location</b><br />';
            echo '  Error: ' . $handle->error . '';
            echo '</p>';

        // we delete the temporary files
        $handle-> Clean();

    } else {
        // if we're here, the upload file failed for some reasons
        // i.e. the server didn't receive the ...

the above coding is from the sample of the download, and runs fine for me, so have you changed something in the sample?

Looking at the script it is from 2010, and aklot has changed since then.

May i ask what part of the script are you wanting to use? single upload? Multi upload? etc

Any hints on the error/bunch of code??

Any hints on how you are trying to use this script?

Are you trying to use http://nohs instead of http://localhost ?

If that is what you aretrying to do, you need to create virtual hosts and edit the local host file