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Dani Horowitz remains as passionate about our online community today as she was back in February 2002 when, while pursuing a computer science degree on Long Island, NY, she founded DaniWeb. Fast forward to now, and an amazing half a billion visitors later, DaniWeb has become a vibrant community of members learning, sharing knowledge, and engaging with other developers, IT pros, technophiles and computer hobbyists. I've been talking to Dani about DaniWeb in the context of a dynamic and evolving online advertising market...

HG: Tell me a little about how DaniWeb itself has adapted to a changing online advertising market?

Dani: DaniWeb was founded in 2002 and by 2003 had become one of the first online 'publications' to independently track and monetize user behavior. Skip ten years and, in 2013, I developed and launched an algorithm to match question askers with likely answerers based on tracking user behavior across DaniWeb. This was a necessary change as by 2013 we were dying a slow death thanks to there being no more demand for Q&A-based tech sites. Between the likes of Stack Overflow, Quora and Reddit they are successfully able to handle Q&As more efficiently than we ever could, and there's no use in competing with them.

HG: So was that a Google thing then?

*Dani: It's not that Google is anti-DaniWeb as such, but rather that Google would love us more if we were able to figure out a way to hit their sweet spot like Stack Overflow has done. ...

Like the one you are replying to, do you mean? :-)

Welcome to DaniWeb Nancy. 'The Dallas' sure looks like Delhi from where I'm sitting though...

Hey, welcome to DaniWeb. Hope you find the connections and any help you are seeking...

It was the old clear cache problem again. Cleared the browser cache and I can see that the image has been updating fine. Doh!

Now there is no error message at all, but next to the 'choose file' button it just reverts to 'no file chosen.' and doesn't update.

Can you try framing that question again please as it doesn't make much sense as is I'm afraid?

...Nope, still the same. I get a red error dialog telling me the image is too big but without giving any indication of what the size limit is.

Ah. I did just keep going until I found a size that worked, I don't think I revisited it after that - so could very well still be an ongoing issue. Let me try and update it again now and see what happens...

I thought it was all done, certainly I had managed to update my profile photo months ago so haven't revisited it since...

This appears to be a direct cut and paste of a posting from Reddit?

I'll kick things off.

  1. I am here mainly for the community, to connect with other users and learn from them while hopefully sharing some of my knowledge and experience in return.

  2. I'm an admin so can do anyhting I want. Muhahahaha. Or, more seriously, not that I can think of...

  3. Participate. Simple as. Be that through asking or answering questions or connecting with other members. Being a passive member is OK, but being an active one is far more rewarding in my never humble opinion.

Serious question. I'm really interested in what you actually use DaniWeb for and what you get out of your membership?

  1. What is the main thing you do when you are visiting DaniWeb?

  2. Is there anything you'd like to do that you can't currently?

  3. Do you have one tip to pass onto others so they can get the best out of their time here?

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Morning William(s) - hope you make the connections and find the information that you are looking for during your time with us.

Can you expand on this, as your posting is a bit confusing as is? Your profile says you joined a month ago, March 28th. Not sure what you are asking for here, so needs some clarification please.

It just got worse. As I wrote at Forbes yesterday, FB has now confirmed (albeit very quietly as an update to a month old post and on the day the Mueller report was published) that millions of Instagram passwords were stored in plain text as well...

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Hi Cindy - welcome to DaniWeb. I have 'omnia causa fiunt' tattooed on my lower back (Latin for 'everything happens for a reason') funnily enough!

Building Links is Like Shaving - If You Don't do it Every Day You Look Like a Bum

I haven't shaved for years. I don't look like a bum. I look like a man with a beard. Just saying...

Morning! And welcome to DaniWeb...

What Dani said. Most (all?) of the WordPress commercial/pro themes are highly customisable and you would be hard-pressed to identify them as being templated at all. Sure, plenty of folk will simply use an out of the box theme, and that's especially true when we are talking the free themes being used on a personal basis, but even so I still don't find myself saying WP or MR as I browse the web day to day.

Welcome to DaniWeb Nayna


Six months ago I was reviewing my experience with another Anker 'Soundcore' earbud product, the Liberty Lites. I liked these, and they quickly became my everyday audio companion while out on my long walks in the Yorkshire countryside. I did, however, have some issues with the volume never being quite loud enough and ultimately the three hour playtime ended up being just not enough for long train travel or flights. So, I started looking at the alternatives. Naturally I started looking at the likes of the Apple AirPods (once I had discovered you can use them with Android phones) and the new Samsung Galaxy Buds. Both look really cool and feature 'true-wireless' connectivity plus super battery life. Unfortunately, both also break my 'never gonna pay more than £100 for freakin' earbuds man' rule; and then some.

Then I stumbled across one of the best kept secrets out there: Anker also sell true-wireless AirPod look-a-like earbuds and they come in at well under the £100. In fact, they cost just £79.99 here in the UK. Actually, scrap the 'just' as in the US they are $79.99 which at the current exchange rate is about £61. At that price they would be an absolute bargain, but even at a shade under £80 they are still half the cost of AirPods with the standard charging case (AirPods with a wireless charging case cost 2.5 times as much!) and the pre-order price on the Galaxy Buds is £139 so not a great deal ...

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Hello there - this looks like it could well be a homework assignment, which is not a problem. However, just asking for code without showing us how far you have got and detailing the issues you are having with that code is. So, please let us see the code (or pseudo-code) you have and explain where you are getting stuck, then I'm sure there are folk here who will be able to help you move on.

Sure is, just hit the contribute button and make sure to ask your question in the most appropriate section (programming | software dev) - good luck fella!

Scroll up to the first message, it explains it there.

This thread started nine years ago with a quote by Homer, so I thought it was time for another.

“I've learned that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.”

Welcome to DaniWeb Ashish. Take the opportunity to have a look around the subjects that interest you most, as well as absorbing the community rules, and I'm sure you will find everything you could want in a supportive tech community here!

Personally I hate being preached to within news reports and the like (either ereligiously or politically) where I value true neutrality. However, as far as individuals are concerned, at work or play, I see no reason why they should not be able to wear religious symbols as long as they are not evangelizing their belief in the workplace or to customers/clients whatever. I certainly don't regard someone wearing a crucifix nor a hijab nor a pagan tattoo for that matter (I have plenty of the latter as I identify with pagan spiritulaism rather than any formal/organized religion/faith.)

A lack of tolerance, not just in the religious sense, is at the heart of most of the problems in the world today - why add more intolerance into the mix? Live long and prosper, love and peace to all.

On the connected with similar interests front, as I suspected I think being admin rather colours my contact with others so the algorithm probably doesn't stand much of a chance of working out what my actual interests are.