Hello there - this looks like it could well be a homework assignment, which is not a problem. However, just asking for code without showing us how far you have got and detailing the issues you are having with that code is. So, please let us see the code (or pseudo-code) you have and explain where you are getting stuck, then I'm sure there are folk here who will be able to help you move on.

Scroll up to the first message, it explains it there.

"WebXeros is a top rated digital marketing company" apparently, yet you need to ask about relatively basic SEO concepts that have been discussed all over the web for the last ten years?

Plesk, just to throw another into the mix. Why? A combination of legacy and lethargy with a bit of if it ain't broke for good measure I guess...

The Internet is mostly not truth

That's a bit of a Trumpian sweeping statement. I'd love to see the stats that back up your assertion...

rproffitt commented: I'd have to include spam email traffic. Something like 300 billion spam emails a day. There's more. +0

I think you had a very lucky escape with this one tun712. It's always difficult to turn down work, but if the client wants the impossible and wants it tomorrow you really have little choice. Good luck with your future projects.

I'm wondering if the code snippet post in question is authorless because the original poster quit DaniWeb with the nuclear option? It's a five year old snippet, so it must be something to do with the transition from old system to new? As I say, only guessing, but this snippet from a member who isn't active anymore but is still a member shows author name at the end of the posting in same way as reviews/news.

also I really tried to quote you but it didn't worked

  • Highlight text you want to quote
  • Hit the " button in the reply editor
  • Paste text

Seems to work for me, what method were you trying?

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I can't help with the question, but can let you know there's an edit window of 30 minutes where you can change your post. After that, if it's something material to the question that can't be dealt with in a comment then you can always PM one of the admins or mods and we'll edit for you if deemed necessary. Hope that helps a bit for future endeavours.

Oh, I get more than enough requests from recruiters. However, I apply my usual common sense filtering and 99.9% of them are just diverted into the etherial dev null trash. Ditto the the crap that's designed to get you to sign up to the totally pointless (as far as I can see) premium subscription plan.

The offers of work that turn into client contracts have all come from existing contacts or people requesting contact who are what they say (and a quick Google on them/their company usually confirms or otherwsie).

I must be the only person on DaniWeb that doesn't think LinkedIn is a steaming pile of poop. Not that I'm a huge fan, but I've had a profile their for the longest time, post links to my editorial and have had (and continue to have) offers of work that turn into paying clients. Beyond that, I've also made some interesting contacts that I wouldn't otherwsie have done (differrent to my Twitter or Facebook networks).

Skype, can't comment as I don't do videoconferencing or phone calls for that matter - I've been phonephobic for many years so it's email/sms/f2f or nothing. Yes, as a journalist this can make life more complicated than it should be :-)

As for Github, can't see much bad coming out of the MS acquisition if I'm honest - other than maybe the haters finding an alternative, just because they've gotta hate.

What ddanbe said, nobody knows what help you need until you show us where you are getting stuck. You need to post your code (or pseudocode) as is, and explain the problems you are having.

Also see this (something I wrote about the insecurity of localhost a couple of months back for SC Magazine):

A Google engineer, Mike West, obviously doesn't think that the domain is secure enough. West has submitted a standards draft to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) seeking to formalise treating localhost in a secure context. In his draft, West wants to update RFC6761 so that the localhost domain and any names falling within it resolve to a loopback address. "This would allow other specifications to join regular users in drawing the common-sense conclusions that localhost means localhost" West insists "and doesn't resolve to somewhere else on the network."

Work your way through this lot https://goo.gl/waZMXd before the spammers start arriving with suggestions.

By the way, asking that question, in that way, is typical of the conversion software bait and spam brigade. Care to expand upon what your actually problem is, in an attempt to prove to the community here you are not part of a spamming club such as that?

And then there is the PM route. See Dani's profile here.

Apologies. I read it as you responded to an advertisement to buy likes, rather than you used FB advertising and gained likes.

The bit about content being king remains true enough though. That said, organic growth is rarely quick and can be too slow to save a site even if the content is good. There's simply too much competition unless you are cornering a really niche sector of whatever market...

The only people whose business benefits from people buying likes are those selling them. There are no quick fixes, there is no silver bullet. I've been writing about the Web from when it was first released onto the world (and writing about the Internet and online systems long before then) and what was true back then remains so today: content is king.

Hi John - click on the person icon at the top of the page, then edit profile. Make sure you have 'Automatically Watch Topics I Post In' and 'Receive Community-related Email' selected.

All the best

And here now (in UK)

Morning and welcome to DaniWeb...

The XP thing is a massive red herring. As is the idea that the NHS was targeted. The main reason for the rapid rate of infection appears to have been the use of the EternalBlue vulnerability to spread the WannaCrypt0r payload. This was one of the NSA developed vulnerabilities that got leaked in the Shadow Brokers hack. It meant that any systems not patched by the March 14th Microsoft 4013389 security update for SMB Server 1.0 would be susceptible to passing the infection from LAN to WAN (remote code execution by way of a specific message sent to Microsoft Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) server.

XP usage remains a major concern of course, just not really something that contributed massively to the spread of this particular ransomware attack.

diafol commented: Informed as usual :) +0

Show us your code so far if you expect to get help with this my friend. Nobody is going to do your assignment for you, but they will point you in the right direction...

Or, to put it another way: do my homework for me as I'm too lazy to bother doing it myself.

Seriously brother, you need to show us what effort you have made, how far you've got with your code and where you have got stuck. Then, and only then, can we help you.

If you don't like how Google does things then don't use the services it offers. Here's the thing, you may well find that isn't totally straightforward. Which is not the same as being impossible, or anything like it. Nor does it mean the alternative you opt for is any less problematical.

What Google, and others, offer at the end of the day is a trade off of usability and functionality over privacy. Personally, as someone who is a 25 year veteran as far as security and privacy issues are concerned, I'd rather deal with Google which is fairly up front about what data it collects and what it does with it, than myriad alternatives which may well not be.

You can take back a certain amount of control by taking care regarding the browser client you use, the tracking/ad blocker extensions you run and how you connect to the Internet (with broadband speeds in the land of fantasy now, you can easily afford to sacrifice a little of it by making use of multiple VPNs across different countries for example.)

Not present when using Gmail (on any of my three DaniWeb accounts) - looks like it might be a Yahoo mail client specific thing.

Go to Android settings|Sound & notification|App notifications and then go through the apps one by and block those you don't want nortifications from. This may take some time depending on how many apps you have installed of course...

Your license key stays the same...

Just post your question in the programming section and use a 'career' tag like you have here.

We don't do your homework for you.

So, to move things forward, you'll need to be more specific than simply posting your assignment question and expecting others to do it for you.

Show us the code you have produced so far, and tell us where you are getting stuck, and then maybe someone can help...

You've been a member for three years, so surely you should know by now that you can't simply post a homework assignment, show no coide, show no effort, and expect someone else to do it for you. Apart from anything else it breaches the rules at DaniWeb.

provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

Post your code, explain exactly where your problem is and the help you are looking for, then someone might be able to help.