That's a rather broad brush question. What do you specifically want to know about MS Server 2016 support? Have you tried asking Microsoft?

It might be easier if you tell us what you have tried so far, that way people won't be telling you to do stuff that already isn't working for you.

anamikapower commented: I started promoting digitally taking help of SEO and SMO to target people so that my traffic increase faster. But still call flow is very low. +0

Hi CorinthCom, the Galaxy Watch works with any Android phone (Android 5 upwards), and for that matter the iPhone (iOS 9 on) as well, but to get the best out of it you need to be using a Samsung device. The reason being that the watch runs on the same Tizen OS as the Samsung phones. That said, from what I can gather it's email and messaging that take the biggest hit - as in you can only get these apps on the watch if you are synced to a Samsung phone. You still get the notifications, but would have to go to your phone to access the actual messages.

Confession time: I'm a born again smartwatch fan. I used to not see the point, and then somehow managed to buy a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and everything changed. That this thing looked like a watch, had an innovative rotating bezel as an input control mechanism and worked so smoothly with my newly purchased Samsung Galaxy S8+ were the main reasons for that. Having been a very happy smartwatch bunny for the past 18 months or so, I was both interested and annoyed when the next-gen of the Samsung Gear watch family hit the market. I know, I know, there's always going to be something a little better just around the corner and 18 months is a long time in technology. My annoyance was more about the cost, especially as the S3 Frontier wasn't exactly cheap.

Then along came Black Friday which at least got me exploring the possibilities of upgrading to the new Galaxy Watch. I use the term upgrading purposefully as well; that's precisely what I ended up doing. The Black Friday deal, directly through the Samsung Shop online I should add, didn't discount the watch itself which was still £299 for the 46mm Bluetooth (non-4G) version I was interested in. Instead it threw the 'Duo' wireless charger that charges watch and phone together into deal. This was previously only available to pre-orders on launch so a good deal and a value of £89 for good measure. The real deal-sealer for me was the trade-in offered for my ...

Click the messaging 'talk bubble' icon from the homepage to get to the member connect section, use the search box to find the user/conversation/send message. I also struggled a little with discovering this.

Dani, he wasn't asking if he could buy such a list from DaniWeb. He was 'asking' if he should buy the list from the spammy link which I deleted for the reasons already stated: this was not a genuine query about buying email lists, it was a specific plug for one seller of such lists.

rproffitt commented: I agree. This sort of "distraction display" spam post is easy to spot. I call them disingenuous. +15

I see no questions, at least no real ones. I see a spammer trying to promote a service. Why else go to the bother of including the URL and obfuscating it by padding before and after the '.' so that it doesn't show as a link (and therefore hopefully escape any spam detection) - or am I just being too cynical here? The answer is no, no I am not. I've also removed the link from the post, as the general question is still valid and the answer from rproffitt very useful to anyone considering buying such a list.

rproffitt commented: Thanks for the cleanup and kind words for me. In my circles, bought email lists are stone cold dead. Except to those that sell such. +15

I can answer from the other side of the equation. I have been a freelance writer for close on 30 years, and the way people find me hasn't really changed all that much apart from one aspect: it's a lot easier to find me now than it was in 1991. It has always been the case that prospective new clients come to me because they have either: seen my work elsewhere, I have been recommended to them by someone who has already used me or they have searched Google for a freelance technology journalist (or freelance security journalist.) Generally speaking, most people these days come to me having used all three methods. So, they might get a recommendation, go google me and then go look at some of my work.

To answer your question more directly, I will say that you won't find 'good' freelance writers by taking the cheapest option from a freelance writing forum/agency. If someone is offering a range of prices depending on the quality you get then run away. Any freelance writer worth contracting will have just the one rate which is usually negotiable depending upon the nature of the work and the length of the agreement - I charge less if I am contracted for a year of monthly blogs than I do for a one-off arrangement. Certainly they will only have one quality level and that's the best, all of the time.

It really depends upon what type of content you are looking for ...

245x327 (43kb) did the trick

Shanawar500 commented: Yes I face the same issue when I create the profile and your suggestion were really helpful +0

Have been trying to change my profile pic via the community profile update avatar option. I keep getting told that 'The image you are attempting to upload doesn't fit into the allowed dimensions.' However, there is no clue as to what the allowed dimesions might be. The one I'm trying to upload has been sized down to 490x653 (171kb) and I can't recall what the limits previously were, will keep trying smaller and smaller - but thought it might be an idea to flag the max size in the error message that is thrown up.

What is the problem, then, with allowing me to select "no filter" as the default? How does this negatively impact anyone else?

Can't argue with that, to be fair :-)

But because I didn't want to filter by recommended, I never clicked it.

Have to admit when I saw it said 'Filter: Recommended' I just assumed it meant that was the filter type being applied rather than an option to apply it - so clicked and saw I could remove all filtering.

JamesCherrill commented: A little downwards arrow after the "Recommended" would have alerted you (and me) to the fact there was a menu of choices hidden +0

You'll need to do better than just cut and pasting your homework assignment if you want help from DaniWeb members I'm afraid. Show us the code you have so far and explain where you are getting stuck, then someone might be able to point you in the right direction. Nobody is just going to do your stuff for you, sorry.

There are plenty of ways to undermine democracy without having to directly interfere with voting machines.

Indeed. I've just written something on Forbes about this very subject, after 81 million voter records (across 20 states) have been found for sale on dark web markets. Article is here if anyone fancies a read:

rproffitt commented: That's a very big % of registered voters. From 2016, 250 million registered and 138,847,000 (estimated) voted. +0

Let me Google that for you...

Or did you have a more specific question relating to Google Tag Manager usage?


Yours Sincerely, Lionel Ritchie ;-)

also I really tried to quote you but it didn't worked

  • Highlight text you want to quote
  • Hit the " button in the reply editor
  • Paste text

Seems to work for me, what method were you trying?

jkon commented: Yes with copy paste works , but doesn't say who you are quoting , wouldn't a quote and reply (or just reply) button at the bottom would be great ? +0

Morning! Tell us a bit about yourself then :-) Welcome to DaniWeb!

Dev_12 commented: Hii, My name is Dev Arora and I am a digital marketing analysis. +0

You've asked this exact same question in at least three other forums, all on 18th August, and had responses with regard to the solution from all of them. Why are you asking it again here?

rproffitt commented: When you see that, it's usually a shill for some app. +15

You'd think a digital marketing agency would know this stuff already, but hey ho I guess there are true digital marketing agencies and spamming chancers eh?

rproffitt commented: I know that too many of those companies spam in some attempt to do SEO. They earn a bad name which may not be written. +0

More to the point why go back to an unsupported and insecure (certainly a lot less secure anyway) version of the OS? There always seems to be a lot of knock the latest version of WIndows attitude, and a lot of OS nostalgia.

rproffitt commented: A stock XP install can't get on the Web today. Missing HTTPS support in the stock browser. +15

Dani was testing stuff, and this thread was used as part of that which caused it to appear in the feed.

rproffitt commented: I also saw you endorsed and then not many times.Pay no attention to what goes on behind the curtain. +15
pty commented: Thanks for the info +9

Hello there - that looks like a homework assignment question, what we need to see is the code you have completed so far and where exactly you are having problems. Post that and someone should be able to help you out, however members here won't just do your homework for you I'm afraid...

Agree with pty, it's the 'get pissed on cheap supermarket booze then go into town at 10pm on a Friday or Saturday night' tossers that are the main cause of what you might call casual violence in the UK. I can look after myself, but have to admit I haven't been in any city centre after 10pm for a bloody long time now - why put yourself in the firing line when you don't have to?

Does logging in to a system that requires no password count as "hacking"?

You may well have a point there ;-)

So what is the correct answer then? Do please share...

alan.davies commented: Just checking I can upvote you with rep :) +5

What Alan said, please post more details in order to facilitate the help you require.

Test what? The Link Collider thing you've mentioned in three out of your six posts?

It's invite only, and moderators are generally selected from veteran members of DaniWeb who have been helping others hereabouts for many years.

First become a moderator or admin, and then... ;-)