I think you probably violate the ethical search engine optimization guidelines. In that case, may be google won't probably display all the information you put in your meta description when it indexed your website.

Press Release submission is another best way to get traffic for to your site.

Is there any other use of url shorter except it that it's convert link in short form ? If there are any other benefits to use url shortener so please share here.

There are many sites which is useful to increase site traffic, for me stumbleupon, digg, delicious are useful to generate traffic for my site.

Of-course google give more traffic comparison to other search engine. My sites getting 80% traffic from google and only 10% from other search engines.

I think back link watch show approximate right figure of back links of your site. You should use back link watch to check your back links.

Hi Everyone,
I am waiting for google upcoming PR update and If anybody have any idea about it so please share here.

Many peoples using url shorten except of original url path of sites in micro blogging like twitter, identi.ca, facebook. I want to know that use of url shorter is better except original url link of site in micro blogging or not and why ?

No, One time seo is not enough for life time because it's remain only till that when your serp's not decrease position in search engines. It also may be that the keywords are not have too many competition by which your site have good serp's because if your site have good serp's in any competitive keywords then it will not remain after 20 to 30 days if you stop seo working for your site.

PR 0 means Google has indexed your pages but they might have little values but it's better which page that's show PR n/a before PR 0 of your page and now if you are doing dedicated seo work for your site then your site PR can be increase in next PR update.

Of-course Google Adwords Keywords Tool is best for keyword research.

I agree with other members that you should always provide relevant content and update your content after some times and consider adding some new information for reduce bounce rate of your site.

I don't think language does not matter in seo work but it can be helpful in traffic from other countries which many not understand the content on your site although now days translate facility is also available.

Thanks Insightdegital for sharing link of useful article!
I am glad to found such useful and resourceful article which have beneficial information to generate back links for website.

Yahoo or bring both are useful to bring traffic for our site but serp's of target keywords should be very good. We always try to improve our site serp's on every search engines to get good traffic.

I am offering you some do follow blogs that have high PR for commenting :
Brazencareerist (PR 6)

Sirpi (PR 6)

Sayanythingblog (PR 6)

Links (PR 4)

Midasoracle (PR 6)

Bloggreens (PR 6)

Illinipundit (PR 6)

Jemjabella (PR 6)

Heiseidemocracy (PR 5)

Expertcruiser (PR 5)

Shandyking (PR 5)

Dotsauce (PR 5)

Sphinn (PR 6)

Randaclay (PR 5)

Thedigeratilife (PR 4)

Blogsspeechwriters (PR 4)

Searchenginepeople (PR 4)

Freeadblogger (PR 4)

Allrealestateproperty (PR 4)

Ptank (PR 4)

Endangeredspaces (PR4)

I agree with mackone and you can also use back link watch to check your site back links.

I don't think bold keywords in content can help in SEO for search engine point of view although it's attract users very fast to read content sentence.

According to me social media provided an good platform to grow your business popularity and I don't think that it's fad.

I think knowledge of HTML is sufficient for seo work.

Hi jiten,
When a search engine crawler or spiders visit your site then at first they search Robots.txt file.This file tells the search engine spider, which Web pages of your site should be indexed and which Web pages should be ignored. If there is a Robots.txt file, then by default it will try to crawl all the pages,then it will ensure that none of the pages are skipped.

First of all you should submit url's of every page of your site and after that you should write articles and press release in popular article directories for your site and then join social media sites to promote your site.

I think you should not work on link exchange because from any mistake if you do like exchange from any spam or fraud site then it it will be harmful for your site.
Any way if you interesting in link exchange so you should exchange link with your niche related site that's have high PR and always be careful in link exchanging.

Quality content and back links from high PR do follow sites are important to increase site PR and you should also focus to increase your keyword serp's.

Type "best SEO blogs" in google search box which provide you many useful seo blogs.

Keyword play an important role for any website to get traffic and increase site serp's and it's important in get back links for site which will beneficial to increase site PR and traffic. So always choose to write keywords for site which can be useful for site.

It is a process about a filter that Google applies, according to which the new domains are filtered to prevent them from reaching top positions by keywords. When A new site indexed then google crawler check that how well optimized that site, it is relevant or not and it should not be spam, etc.

[QUOTE=AirForceOne;1254051]Hi, Mark121

Micro blogging sites would refer to social networking sites like twitter, friendfeed and other. I think you might target right keywords for your niche, build an attractive profile page, generate more followers on them for traffic purpose.

Have a nice day,[/QUOTE]

How Can I use my target keywords in my tweets on twitter ?

[QUOTE=cscgal;1252660]I've never heard of them either. However, you're on the right track if you want to use social networking to grow traffic to your site. Start by using tools such as AddThis.com to encourage your users to bookmark and share and syndicate your content on their Twitter, Facebook, etc.[/QUOTE]

Thanks cscgal,
I am glad to know about AddThis.com because I don't know about it before your sharing. I think it will be useful for me.

[QUOTE=cscgal;1252659]I have never heard of identi.ca. Is it popular?[/QUOTE]

identi.ca is very useful social networking sites like twitter and I think it can be useful for website promotion but I don't to have more idea about it so I want to know what should I do to use it in effective way to get traffic for my website.