Have one laptop that has the correct password for wifi access. Is there anyway to reveal the password? Guidance sought

Installed the suite this day only to find that some junk apps installed with it. Uninstalled one only to find that the others cannot be uninstalled because of the order of uninstalling. Writing to inquire if others have encountered the same issue. Clicking the apps in the control panel generates the message "please wait until current program is uninstalled..." Have done so for four hours. Guidance sought

Have the Blackberry 8330. Trackball just lost lateral movement. How can I use the keyboard to navigate around the device. Guidance sought

My reading indicates that the 6th generation release of the Ipod Touch was supposed to have been iminent. Hoping for an informed opinion.

Don't ever recall seeing any news where Amazon customer accounts have been hacked. Can I get an authoritative response that can be checked?

Dealing with a Gateway E series that does not power on. Power supply was the first suspect. Opened the case and connected another power supply to the board... No power. Although both supplies could be bad what would be the next diagnostic step?

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**This is Windows 7 home premium. Not sure what I did but I cannot paste pictures in the picture folder. Link to image is below

[[Click Here](https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=1727C265A60F257A!517&authkey=!AKxi4BqJpZd6NMA&ithinThis is Windows 7 home premium. Not sure what I did but I cannot paste pictures in the picture folder. Link to image is below

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Just discovered PLOOP.com. Have all the folders but the bootloader file online is said to be outdated. don't know where the newes file is

hithirdwavedust commented: Just discovered a great way to redirect people to ultimate internet doom? I don't think so. +0

Have an old Toshiba Satellite with the latest and last BIOS version. Did not include Boot to USB... a feature I need. Used to see solutions offered online. Is there a provider that can get the BIOS to recognize a USB drive on boot? Guidance sought

Have the Proscan PLT8802G-20140314. Want to install apps to the 32GB SD Card. Manual poorly written and need guidance especially the currently installed. This is on the Android 4.2.2

Would like someone with internet explorer to email me several days of their web browsing. Is there a way to highlight some visted pages in the history and paste it into an email? Guidance sought

Need to copy a single day of internet explorer browsing in a form that can be emailed. Some of the recipients may not have IE. Guidance sought

Looking for options for a more current BIOS for a retired Toshiba A40. Have been cautioned that this could be very destructive. Guidance sought

Laptop display starting to fail. Preparing to ship for replacement but in the interim. For now my mouse cannot control one third of the display. Is there a way through keyboard commands to resize the image so that the cursor can reach whatever I need? Link to image below. I await a reply

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Looking for a Dell certified laptop technician in Washington D.C. area. Replaced the motherboard and have a power light. Cannot organize the connections so that the machine can be closed properly.

Working with version 11.0.9600.17041 Have a persistent popup that shows URL http://axp.zedo.com/asw/pfr/305/1940403/2/o.html? How does one block this specific popup?

Have a need to hide the toolbar yet still need to crop an image. Is there a keyboard command that would allow me to crop with the toolbar minimized? Guidance sought

modified a single image from Pictures folder. Now find that all images have been. Image was compressed in photo gallery. How does one restore the original format.

Posted this question once and cannot find the reply...

Looking for the guidance that would allow one to program a router so that it acts as a receiver. The user could then use a wired port and connect a desktop.

Have a Westell Modem/Router Model A90-750015-07 Rev "W" and write to inquire if this device would be suitable. Also have a Linksys WRV-200.

Much thanks in advance for an informed reply

Have a background in IT but did no cabling. Would like to practice the skill as I have a few boxes of 5e LAN cable , the clear 'nip' connector and the crimp tool. I am aware that CAT6 is available but do not want to waste these items.
Looking for the best pictorial guide on how to cultivate this skill.

Saw a network engineer post at http://www.justanswer.com/computer/6mqew-saw-trick-double-internet-speed.html

Guidance sought

I write to inquire about the necessity of domain registration. What does it actually provide and is it necessary? Guidance sought

Installed the HP CD Writer driver from the HP site and is seen in a download folder. Device seen, with caution yellow, in the device manager. Message: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

There is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.

Update attempt made, driver set to run in XP ... The device has been successfully run on this ASUS K42F 86 bit machine before. Guidance sought

I write to inquire if drivers can be installed to a usb version of windows XP. Have a legacy scanner that could be used if the driver can be incorporated. Guidance sought

Have Lubuntu on a netbook. When navigating the web I now find popups such as waiting for ads... Also waiting for cache. Did not have this problem two months ago when first installed. Lubuntu shows no apps to address adware. Suposedly, Linux is not susceptible. Guidance sought.

Have opted to learn a variety of aspects of virtualization and this would be such an excercise. The vm is running but now the option to install an OS does not appear. The settings are pointed to the DVD drive and not I look to complete the configuration, enable an active connection, establish a virtual network adapter. Looking for an informed opinion.

Seeking to install virtual machine to windows 8 Pro 64bit machine following guidance found at: http://4sysops.com/archives/windows-8-xp-mode-part-1-hyper-v/
Can follow the steps until the “install options” page. The Windows XP CD is in the disk drive but install does not launch. Images are uploaded to Microsoft SkyDrive at: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=52B21D2F3F75A51A!3746

Additionally, selecting the "connect" option does not connect the virtual machine as per the instructions of the article. There is apparently a permissions issue but I am logged on as the administrator.

How does one get the operating system on the virtual machine and also connect the vm?

Reinstalled Windows Vista to an ASUS42F Notebook. Device manager shows a list of missing drivers. The ASUS support site does not list drivers as shown in the OS device manager. Hoping to connect with someone familiar with ASUS products so that I can acquire the drivers for the following:

Base System Device
Ethernet Controller
Network Controller
PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller
PCI Simple Communications Controller
SM Bus Controller
Unknown Device

Have the UEFI Option in the boot menu of the ASUS K42F notebook. Regrettably, boot to USB is not an apparent option. Have emailed Asus support and the reply demonstrated no knowledge of the feature. There is an option that allows the entry of "command line" entries. The setup utiliities are from American Megatrends (AMI). Hoping to connect with a forum member that has experience wth this interface. Some images are uploaded to a microsoft online folder: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=52B21D2F3F75A51A!2000 Not sure that ths is the appropriate place to post but guidance sought.

Working with an ASUS K42F Notebook. Have a need to boot to a Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk. I find no apparent boot path to a USB drive. I do see the UEFI feature which is supposed to be the successor to BIOS. Perhaps there is a solution within this feature. Any solution in this regard is good enough for now. This is a Windows 7 home premium machine.

Seeking some wisdom on how to how one can get this machine to point to USB

Also, the setup utility is American Megatrends ver. 1.28.1119. I would ask if there might be any specific benefit to an upgrade or is it mostly hype.

Images are uploaded to a microsoft online image folder:
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Have an SATA adaptor to allow an SATA drive to be used in a machine intended for an IDE drive. There is a power connector that is connected to a counterpart power connector from the system board. I need a power cable to go directly to the SATA drive. Images Click Here of my circumstance are uploaded to a Microsoft folder. Guidance sought