[QUOTE]It seems that there are bots doing this also.[/QUOTE]

if they never post at all, then I'm not sure how to help. but one feature I LOVE is "instant email notification" I personally think that should be default on all forums.

I activate it everytime I register on a new forum because I know otherwise I'd forget it even existed.

I wasn't actually thinking sticky threads in content rich topics, I was thinking dedicated forum topics for sponsors.

You could be right, but on an entertainment related site to have entertainment related sponsors with their own topics might not be that bad. It's not like I'd be advertising Glad Bags on a car site :)

sounds like you made a good decision and are seeing light at the end of this tunnel!

Dustin07 Newbie Poster

are there any merchant accounts out there as simple to use as Yahoo's? I'm becoming more and more of a fan of Yahoo's services. I've been using them for a year or so now.

It's funny, because at first I was not to excited about yahoo.... but the more I learn about web design, SEO, e-commerce in general, the more I really like them.

The reason I ask though is because I recetly created a website that sells only one Keyboard. that is the ONLY product. I don't plan to add anything to that site.

Since it only has the one product I currently only have Paypal on it (although it looks pretty :)) I was hoping to add something more flexible for the customers, but didn't really thinkg a $40-50/month emerchant account was worth it for such a dinky site...


I read an article on it in the Wall Street Journal a while back. It's supposed to be competitive with Paypal, but Google is keeping it rather hush-hush right now. From what I've heard it has Paypal a bit worried.

although I must say, Paypal has provided a lot of value-added over the last few years and they are really a great service, IMO.

if at all possible (AT ALL POSSIBLE) I'd try to mend the relationship with the mod. This could turn into a major slice of humble pie, even if you are not in the wrong, but would be the best solution I think.

I know that's not exactly what you were looking to hear, but IMO.

rather than selling a bunch of banners + text links I thought I'd wait until my forum grew enough to sell entire topics.

I have dollar amounts in my head that I'd like to earn and my plan was to sell 10 x text links at a low dollar amount on the homepage, then offer entire topics for considerably more inside the forum. probably seperated by other topics rather than having them all lumped together. (like commercial breaks... lol... seemed appropriate since my current forum is based around a tv show). I figured I'd limit myself to only 5 topic sponsors.

I Felt this valued added was good for the sponsor (own topic, good exposure, then can post threads about their site/company and talk bout it whenever they want... almost like a blog opportunity on someone elses site) and I thought the forum would benifit by it because it would cut down on spam by sponsors, they could basically advertise all they want as long as they keep it in their own topic.

but I haven't done it yet, it's just my plan.

[QUOTE]The only thing that I would definitely recommend is to keep placement of features in similar spots as you'd find them on phpBB, vBulletin, or Invision. In other words, forum goers always look for the "new thread" button on the top left and bottom left of the thread listing. If they can't find it there, they may get confused, or at least confused enough to be a hindrance to site usability. And so on and so forth.[/QUOTE]

that's the one thing I was thinking too. A new forum would really add some value to your site I think, but make sure new members who are ultra-familiar with phpbb and vB (like me) can still find the buttons they need. :)

[QUOTE]One of the best ways (I think) to get rid of 1-post wonders is to remove their ability to link. Most are just in it to get a link back to their site or whatever they're promoting. So, turning off the ability to use the URL BBCode until a person hits 5 (or 50!) posts is useful. Same with the ability to add your own URL to your profile & signature.[/QUOTE]

See I actually kind of like this stuff, even from a member perspective. It's like a value-added for contributing to the community.

I've found that I actually get more involved in forums like that.

Although anytime I register at a new forum I always try to contribute as much as possible if I plan to have links anyways. It's kind of like a partnership/win-win type ordeal to me.

I've tried PM'ing new folks who didn't take part in the forum, and I've seen others who I didn't PM end up being pretty big posters... lol.

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Hi Folks!

I found the forum while looking for a webmasters marketplace to offer some textlinks... but registered and stuck around when I found all the great info. Keep up the great work, see you in the forums!