keywords are identity of sites same as you are identified by your name. without keywords sites are useless.

[QUOTE=cscgal;1263026]Yes, keyword density. That's what I meant. The ratio of the keyword to the rest of the words/phrases in the content. How often the keyword is repeated within the content.[/QUOTE]

No, its not about keyword repetition. Keyword prominence refers to the position of the keywords in the text. If you use your keywords in the beginning of the sentences, the keyword prominence is higher. Higher keyword prominence is better.

No, i don't think there is some thing wrong with your site. how did you check your indexing?could you please mention your URL i want to have look..

user actually likes interesting & unique things. so you must put on some catchy things on to site which can fix user's attraction on web page. Don't put on confusions.keep one thing in mind user don't have much time to surf through out your site so give priority to all important, fresh, & unique information to keep stay your user on tune.

Basically, robots.txt is a plain text file which is placed in a server's root directory it includes information on whether search engine robots should index the site or parts of the is mostly used to hide dome site's things from search engine. why don't you Google it?

2nd option would be good for you.Relevancy is main factor in SEO. i would have been surly vote for relevant link.

[QUOTE=jiten702;1259449]Hi all...

    It is good to have your site in multiple languages but does that helps in SEO?[/QUOTE] 

No, it does not have any concern in SERP. Language does not matter in SEO case.

[QUOTE=Lukasz Ekiert;1259626]Great and very useful information you have been posting here. I have been trying to get some help with getting my 2 websites indexed ([URL="

[QUOTE=iwahm;1026103]First choose your keywords & use them in your site title page,post title & in the posts.Make sure that the keyword density should be between 4-6%.Try to get good quality backlinks from other reputed sites of same niches.[/QUOTE]

i don't think so keyword density would take apart in SERP and good quality backlinks give you good pr. there are no. of factors on which SERP is being depending now a days specially when there are immense sites being working as your competitor.

[QUOTE=umairraja52;1025793]I have few website but i want to know how to display my website on top most results in the Search Engine Results specially in Google, bing, Yahoo etc.

Waiting for experts responses.[/QUOTE]

do you want to do it by your self or want to hire some one for this task? its all about time , patience and different experiences. no one could give you right answer to your question until unless he would not have been know all information about your site. simple suggestion is just try to do socialize your sites as much as you can do.

there is no specific time period has been mentioned by Google. G crawlers will surly crawl your site as fast as you would have added fresh contents on your site.

[QUOTE=yourseolab;1227647]work to create backlinks on your keywords.[/QUOTE]

back links could not help in SERP. they are good for PR

its all depend on competition against your keyword. could you please mentioned your site & respective keyword? do you worry about indexing or SERP???

[QUOTE=arunpawar;1206777]Providing real name will not always help cause i have seen many marketers who are branding their product or advice with pseudo name. There are some [URL="

yes SBM is great source to get traffic. Twitter & stumble are suitable for me.

Twitter's links are NoFollow, and as a result, they're practically useless for link building. However, because they're such high PageRank, they can get on the front page of the SERPS just with a few backlinks.

In short, find some similar blogs and hence comments, emphasize on social networking sites, write articles and hence submit those, submit your site to top directories, posts some informative news in a forum.

Facebook has a published guidelines for how to build applications. As a result, there are thousands if not millions of apps that have been written, from the frivolous to the semi-useful. LinkedIn doesn't have a set of apps guidelines yet, although they keep talking about it. They have similar contact import features to Facebook, although they will terminate your privileges if you send out emails to too many people that you reject your approaches,claiming they don't know you.

We all know the most powerful way to get inbound, one-way links is to have great site content that other web sites will want to link to. So you write a few interesting and informative articles for your web site. Most of the top ranking web sites today got to the top because of great content why not you.

keep doing link building. it will increase your PR. PR is all about backlinks.

No, they are not worthless. it could be effective in PR juice & link as well.

Links Links and Links. PR just depends on backlinks. so keep your move on link building. Getting links from high PR can improve your PR.

Magic would not work here. you have to do work alot. commenting on blog is an easy and free of cost way to increase backlinks.

content writing is an important part of SEO. you can share your ideas in this section too.

My vote is for &
SEOmoz is good for SEO newbies.

Why you want to know basic things about SEO? As you are working on SEO stuff.

Yup i have seen many changes and Google Caffiene is one of them.

Login to your personal Facebook account

Go to: [url][/url]

Select your business category type from the radio button selections, and then choose the appropriate subcategory from the dropdown menu

Enter your business name in the "Name of Page" area

Enter the security text, click enter, and your page will be created!

if you want to hide your self then why you join facebook? Tell me how do you approach by user? either from email or user name? or you are offering some branding product on face book?

Though SMO is related to search engine marketing it actually goes beyond it. Since SMO involves driving traffic from sites other than search engines it helps in upgrading the search ranking. It is a form of viral marketing. The word is spread through social networks between unrelated net users by videos, image sharing websites, bookmarking websites. Blogging using RSS feeds also caters to the same objective. A well-constructed website can achieve SMO with ease and success.