Lawyer Mark Godwin needs to go back to grammar school and learn how to read, the law reads reproduction of insignia for any use and or reason which makes wikimedia's printing of the seal the same as printing copyrighted material with out permission. thus this being an unlawful action Wikimedia is wrong and the lawyer needs to stop twisting facts. Later---

[QUOTE=Stevishere;1218304]WOW, OK, I give, retract my other thread and all! This updated site is SWEET!

Faaaastr, hasslefree, I can even login so quickly!

Thanks for listening to me, even if what I said was a little un-nice!

I appreciate you all.

who was listening to you,If you had bothered to browse the Forums you would have noted that this rework of Daniweb has been in the works for a while. Thats some ego there fella. Later---