Just further proof of the axiom that nothing ever dies on the Internet. Lesson- you don't want it for a legacy don't post it. Later---

Elihu5991 commented: Your are so correct +0

Agreed but I have been repairing electric material handling equipment since the early 1970's and watched the hardware go from carbon pile step resistor controllers to full solid state power module ECM controlled Technology yet the top of the line power source is still the 100+ year old lead acid multi cell battery. They build this 14,000 lb lift truck that is capable of picking up 12,000 lbs and at 26,0000 lb gross weight run around a warehouse at 15 mph for minimum of 6 hrs a shift with out recharging the battery,but they can't design an automobile that weighs 5,000 lbs or less that will run the speed limit for 6 hrs on the open road. By the way that battery is powering a 2,300 psi hydraulic pump and a 500 psi steering pump for that 6 hrs. All for the complete price of approximately $30,000 US no subsidy and last 5 years before battery replacement. Later---

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Wrong forum area, Go here [url]http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread134865.html[/url] follow instructions post new thread in that forum then be patient as we are short on volunteers due to summer activities. Later---

No one ever said Brains or common sense were passed on at birth. Later---

quote-a mugger is going to make the first move from close enough in that they can mess you up pretty thoroughly, twice, before you unbutton your jacket to get at your holster. Oh, look, you just gave the guy a bonus - he thought he was just getting a wallet.

this person obviously has no clue on concealed carry or self protection, to 75 percent of the posters may I suggest sitting down with an authoritative book on concealed carry & self defense before posting their favorite myths. Also all the NRA members I know have gun safes that are attached to the building structure. Oh by the way only inexperienced weapons owners leave them unsecured, my bedside gun box is blind bolted with in reach of my bed for my wife and I and opens with a finger print reader set to both mine and my wife's finger prints. Later---

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As to a ban on guns or any thing else I vote NO!! here in the USA bans have gotten us nothing but nothing but gangsters and massive organized crime first lesson when banned a black market will spring up be it guns drugs booze or any other product.As to the myth that no one is harmed by a spork my younger Brother has been a prison guard for over 10 years and relates that the weapon of choice in the cell block is a sharpened plastic eating implement = spork. I own several guns totally unsupervised by a government Nanny and ain't even pointed one at anyone since leaving the USN. It takes a Person to kill a Person inanimate objects do not harm without thoughtful guidance. Later---

Go to the top of the page where menu bar is mouse over section you wish to be in pick forum in drop down go there now scroll to bottom of page at left corner of post listings is the start new thread button. stoopid place ain't it? Later---

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OK, You have just answered why members use ad-block programs. Later---

ardav you ain't right you ain't left but you ain't all right either LOL. Later---

check your browser settings. do you have java script enabled? if not do so. Later---

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cscgal Then why is it all purple? Because it contracted a purple virus. PLEASE MORE CONTRAST in quote field,Thank YOU.

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Hey now we look just like all the other Forums. Now I have to learn to navigate all over again. Let me dig out my GPS,flashlight & c-rats in case I get lost.

jephthah commented: hah, yeah. its pretty bland isnt it other than the eggplant suicide bomber who detonated up in this thing +0

They won't see exit button they are to busy whining to stop and cure the problem--stay logged in-- works for me. Later---

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[QUOTE=WaltP;1162553]That'll teach you to be enthusiastic... :icon_twisted:[/QUOTE]
My bad. I mistook a feed back forum as a place to post an opinion of a discussed subject, sorry. Later---

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[QUOTE=GrimJack;1160209]OMG! How could you even consider Palin as VP?[/QUOTE]
Whats the difference female ding bat or male ding bat??? Later---

[QUOTE=WaltP;1157406]I just decided to call the post as it was... I guess it caught on.[/QUOTE]
Yippppiiiii about time. Thank You from the bottom of my one still working gray cell. Later---

when your uncle regularly played his hand crank Edison Gramophone, it had tubular records not flat disc and you knew the words to some of the songs. Later---

Welcome to the wunnerful world of Daniweb Forums. Post your comments, questions,get help, give help, have fun and somebody will have your back when you need it. Enjoy, Later---

[QUOTE=jonsca;1136936]In a brief detour into seriousness (unusual, I know), I wonder if they are going to give out any scholarships or sponsor activities to promote the idea. That would go miles further than just having a doll replete with a couple of accessories.[/QUOTE]
Figure the odds, if it doesn't get them a biggggg pr blurb or make the bottom line bigger it ain't happening captain. Later---