You are not posting the values from view.php, you are just sending through query string.

so in edit.php you need to take the data something like $_REQUEST['id']

You are not submitting the data in a form (So why are you checking in if condition as $_POST)

I suggest you to send one more parameter kin view.php, such as

[QUOTE=whiteyoh;1162165]Hi All,

I thought I was getting along well with PHP, but i have been given a project at work to interact with a 3rd party client using SOAP and im lost.

Can anybody help me get started with this?

They are going to send me a url with a product id and a session id.

I am then to call a function using SOAP and then deal with its responses.


what is that third party client, If you are searching for the third party soap libraries, use nusoap.

There in nusoap you can even find the exampes.

Yes it is working, and also we are getting $c value init, I didn't get what we need exactly here...

for($i=0;$i<80;$i++) {
//echo $random_number.'
echo 'My C value Before : '.$c.'
echo 'My C value After : '.$c.'

//Now to reverse
echo '';

echo 'My C value Finally : '.$c.'
for ($i=0;$i<80;$i++) {
//echo $random_number.'

out put of the program is

My C value Before : 88
My C value After : 47
My C value Before : 47
My C value After : 1
My C value Before : 1
My C value After : 523
My C value Before : 523
My C value After : 505
My C value Before : 505
My C value After : 633.5
My C value Before : 633.5
My C value After : 644.25
My C value Before : 644.25
My C value After : 790.625
My C value Before : 790.625
My C value After : 1095.0625
My C value Before : 1095.0625
My C value After : 1222.65625
My C value Before : 1222.65625
My C value After : 1119.140625
My C value Before : 1119.140625
My C value After : 1244.6015625
My C value Before : 1244.6015625
My C value After : 1490.62890625
My C value Before : 1490.62890625
My C value After : 1751.384765625
My C value Before : 1751.384765625
My C value After : 1795.4931640625 ...

cwarn23 commented: Very well explained +4

[QUOTE=mrcniceguy;1139978]Hey guys, i need Your suggestions(help).
i created a social network website not long time ago,now i want to put the News feed in the home page like the Facebook one.
That is if a friend posts status,add friends,uploads photos,video,join groups,Commented something etc to appear in the home page.

Please i need ur suggestion guys.
1.How will the database structure supposed to be.
2.How can i display them
3.any other suggetions.
any help will be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

Make a table for recent_updates
id, userid, description, updated_time

Recently updated anything by any user -> Insert into that table.

Make an Ajax autoupdater call -> Collect the friend userids associated for the logged in user and fetch the data from the recent_updates

Update the recent changes div...

I haven't seen how the facebook works, but I am expecting it will be like this...I am not sure about this, hopw it helps you to think..

[QUOTE=Jabga;1134386]Thanks a lot dude, u mean payment gateway by ?
It is here right ?
And what cards does it accept? Visa, master credit and debit

For more details and code for Authorize

Check it here

and for Implemntation Guide check it here

[QUOTE=Jabga;1134135]Hi all. I am wondering how to handle e commerce payment on my creating web. It can't redirect to such as Paypal or etc, payment should be start at my web form and finish on my web.
Can it be? How to make it?
It should accept international visa master cards :)
Please help me[/QUOTE]

Check Advance Integration Methods, In Paypal check Paypal checkout or paypal IPN, In Authorize check for AIM, they will give you the source even with detail description.

To prevent mySQL Injections, we have 2 predefined functions they are

[COLOR="Green"]mysql_real_escape_string() - Takes String + connection handler and escapes the string based on the current character set[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]mysql_escape_string() - Takes String, will not connection handler and will not escapes the string according to the current character set.[/COLOR]

I think you understood which one we need to use.

If you want more details, follow the link

[QUOTE=xuexue;1133965]hi guys, just a little help regarding GD Graph, is it not possible to combine the graph plus a little code to echo or display?? because, when i try to insert the code in the upper part of the program, it runs but if i put the code in the middle of the program, it does not.

$sizeOfTheGraph= new GDGraph(1027,353,"X Bar-R Chart");
$plottedData = Array('Sample Data' => Array(3.4868, 3.4870,3.4870));
$olors = Array('Sample Data' => Array(228,6,6));
$x_labels = Array('0','1','2');
$thicknesses = Array('Sample Data' => 10);
$sizeOfTheGraph->line_graph($plottedData, $colors, $x_labels);

please help..thanks ^^[/QUOTE]

Yes, It is not possible to echo and displaying the graph, I have 2 suggestions for you to implement like this

Put the graph generation in different page
When ever you need to generate a graph
try like this

echo "";

echo "";

Hope it helps you.

[QUOTE=cwarn23;1133018]Better yet php has a [URL=""]zip library[/URL]. Gotta love php.[/QUOTE]

Hi cwarn23,

I think it would be better to put execution burden on the Operating System than putting it on to the php script. And also I think linux zip command works much faster than compared to zip library of PHP.

So as per my suggestion using of linux command will be good, but I am not sure which one is best when it comes into execution.

[QUOTE=azegurb;1132555]thank you
is that form true that I created?
arent there any errors
or the other coding is true?[/QUOTE]

What is the other coding, the form and data sending will work fine from your coding, also I think you are adding the products costs and products in your scripts, the remove button script removeRowFromTable() function will not update the price, check that and fix that as well..

The remaining everything looks fine, and it will works...

[QUOTE=switgal;1131144]Hello Saiprem,

Thank you for the reply. i have another inquiry though, by using SEO i thought i would solve the problem of google being able to search my website's key words. Because google does not get any of my keywords when i search.

Do you think using SEO will solve my problem or is there another way around it.

Thanx for the support.[/QUOTE]

If your site wants to display in google, you need to submit sitemap.xml to google.

Linkup you site with your google webcentral account and upload the sitemap.xml in your web server. Give the same path to google.

The SEO component used in joomla to display the urls as search engine friendly.

Why do you want to put all those config options in one row in a table, Instead you can create a table config and add a row for each config, this would make easier to edit the code in later.