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I was wondering if anybody knows how to uncheck a checkbox in a web browser using VB.NET? I

Using the code .SetAttribute("checked", "true") will check a checkbox but using "false" will not uncheck it. I really need to figure this out, does anybody have any ideas?

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Well I'm currently creating an application that will subscribe to youtube channels that you are interested in. I run a check to first see if you are already subscribed to the channel, but I sometimes receive an alert box saying you are already subscribed. I couldn't leave this bot on because when the alert box is given, the application crashes when it tries to view the next page.

Anyway, how would I check for this alert box and click OK if it appears?

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What's up, I've been working with document.getelementbyid lately and I've created a code to comment on a Youtube video:

[CODE]WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementById("comment").SetAttribute("value", "comment here")

Anyway, I was wondering how I would rate a video?

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Hello and thanks for reading. I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to collect a piece of information from a web page. Here is the web page I want to retrieve the information from:

[url=http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/results.ws?query=green+dragonhide]RuneScape - The Number 1 Free Multiplayer Game[/url]

I would like to retrieve the first "Price" of the item and collect the price every time I execute the code. I understand how to retrieve the source code of the webpage and split strings but how would I retrieve that price? Thanks.