@rpdm read my post again, it's the implementation of the same algo.
And remember:

  1. chalson wanted to get the numbers as input, so you won't require the time() and srand() and the inclusion of header files <cstdlib> and <ctime>
  2. The values required are float, not integers.
  3. your main() should return a value.
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Can someone tell me the algorithm used by the functions sorted() and [list].sort()?

@above repliers with all regards...Sorry to say, but you must keep in mind the level of person when answering...
The above solutions are using STL which come a way ahead in programming in C++
A more simple way is to:
ifstream f;
char a[15];
The above code reads from the file a word of max length 15 and puts it into the string "a". The line: f>>a, tells the compiler to read from file till a white space is encountered.
For more info, go to:

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