From a forum I downloaded R.A.D.: Robot Alchemic Drive. The file is a .bin and when converted the screen is in black and white. Ok, all normal there as it's still NSTC. However, I then went from scratch and converted it to PAL and the screen was misaligned. So I serached these forusm and people suggested using y-fix. However, anytime I use it the file never loads, not ever. The stinger is whenver I use a combo of programs on the .bin it always gives me an error on usbextreme.

So here's where I am

-I have a .bin and .cue file of R.A.D.: Robot Alchemic Drive (NTSC-U)
-I want to play it on my PAL PS2
-Using NTSC2PAL give me a colour screen but misaligned
-Using y-fix makes the file not even load
-Using adr patcher fixes the alignment of screen but is in black and white
-Using NTSC2PAL and adr patcher gives me a .bin that doesn't work with usbextreme.

Any help?

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