I developed risk analysis software for the options trading industry in Chicago up to 2007. C++ was what was required.

We don't write your code for you. We will help you fix it once you post it! I've been writing professional C++ code since 1992...

while(fgets(line, sizeof line, stdin)
    if (sscanf_counter != 2)
    #breakout here#
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Have you checked on the MS website for help with this?

Asus boards are of good quality. Myself, I like Intel mobos, but they are quite a bit more expensive. I purchased a dual core mobo from them in 2007 for my server, which is still functional though I had to replace the nVidia card a couple of years ago when it died. Everything else works great now, 10 years later!

I also use MS Remote Desktop, about 10 or so years ago. Worked well. Haven't used it since so I don't know what MS has done with it.

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This mobo seems to an intel processor tuned device - no mention of AMD support. It seems to run a core i7 processor, so games should be good on it, especially if you get one of the recommended nVidia video processors. Has a good sound system built in. It says it supports Windows 7-10, though I imagine it will handle Linux as well. Lots of sata ports and USB 3.1 ports. Anyway, Linux is the only open question here. You may want to contact newegg.com about that, or check on the Asus web site.

There are a lot of free system testing tools to do this. Try Googling for that!

Check out WinClam - a free AV. There is also a Unix/MacOSX/Linux version available (called ClamAV). I use it all the time, and have never had a problem with it not detecting malware on my systems.

Last time I used 8086 assembler was when I wrote a TCP/IP stack for QNX in the early 90's (work for the US Navy). At this point, I really can't help you. I occasionally write a few assembly statements when modifying Linux kernel code, but that is very rare these days.

Just remember, Android is primarily Java (with a different back-end), so if you can code it in Java, you can use the same code for Android.

A C or C++ switch statement is just a code branch that is delineated by the value specified by the statement. So, I don't really understand what your conundrum may be. Please illustrate what your problem is.

Reverend Jim, Windows is much more susceptible to malware and virus attacks than Linux. Yes, you can harden your MS system against them, but the design of Linux makes such attacks much more rare, unless you are an idiot and leave your system open to remote access. Usually, web services are the most accessible to outside stuff. I managed something like 5000 servers for Nokia Mobile Phones, and we had zero intrusions! And we had 100 million remote customers all over the world. There was work involved to accomplish that, but with proper system monitoring we were able to detect when some asshat would be trying to penetrate the system. Let's just say that their #######s were a bit puckered when we were done with them!

FWIW, we used CentOS 6.x for the servers.

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Select a subject that is of interest to you and then decide how your coding can improve or alter it to your desires.

My solution is to not run Win-whatever. I Run Linux and never had a problem!And I have run Linux for the past 12 years!

There are two kinds of increments for integers - pre-fix and post-fix. X++ is one and ++X is the other. You figure it out! Or read your C/C++ programming manual!

So, 200+ lines of code but no explanation of what your problem is. Sorry, but that does not work!

And, you want us to comment on 500+ lines of code? Sorry, but that isn't going to happen! Show us where the error is, and then we may be able to help you...

My sanskrit name is also Vikrant! How amazing is that? In any case, p++ works. You allocated buffptr and assigned it to p. So, p should be the address of the structure.

Pascal is a defunct language. Even the inventor of it redid it as Modula! If your school is still teaching Pascal, go somewhere else!

Get rid of all the "goto" statements! That isn't C++, it is badly written C code!

Here is what he said: im guessing ready made light for the RPI ? or do they mean the meters, in either case there isn't a ready made solution, it doesn't take much time to wire a little led light off the 5 V line with a diode or resistor to drop the voltage.

After having written a LOT of time conversion software over the years I can only say this. DO NOT GUESS! Study the domain and understand what is required to convert from one timezone to another. My software had to work properly in countries all over the world (China, Japan, Korea, India, Europe, USA, et al). I'm not going to try to teach you how to do this, but is isn't that hard if you make some effort!

My solution for Java programming issues is simple. Don't use Java! Fine for trivial applications, but a pit for system-level applications! Don't be lazy. Learn C++ instead!

I will let you know if/when I hear back from him.

I'm going to forward this to my grandson who is an expert in this sort of stuff.

Show your shell code.

In my opinion, Windows is a virus, just waiting to infect your systems! I ONLY use Linux. My wife is an Apple user (iPad and Mac workstations). Neither of us have virus issues, or lost files such as this.

Random number generators is a "mature" science. This may help you understand the subject matter: http://www.phy.ornl.gov/csep/CSEP/RN/RN.html

Sometimes the factory reset switch is a recessed button somewhere on the back of the unit.