Anyone out there know how to disable the Exchange server portion of SBS 2003?

[ATTACH=RIGHT]21161[/ATTACH]Power, it’s a dirty word. Power corrupts, and I don’t just mean people and politicians. Power problems, impurities and inconsistencies are a huge contributor to problems with sensitive computer equipment. Power problems can damage hardware as well as your files and data. The losses and downtime that result from power problems cost the economy billions. Utility companies are not required by law to provide perfectly “clean” power. The “dirty” power that we get from the outlet comes with a number of impurities including blackouts, power sags, power surges, undervoltage (brownouts) and line noise.


Hey folks, check out Dani's interview on WebProNews regarding the Google Panda update. Spread the word, here's the link to the video: [url][/url]

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check to see if the power switch or reset switch is stuck. otherwise, unplug everything except the bare essentials and work your way back from there. leave only the cpu, video card and ram attached and see if the PC powers on.

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[QUOTE=ntrncx;1552857]i would suggest you to watch the documentaries zeitgeist the 2nd part of the 1st documentary and the Fahrenheit 9/11[/QUOTE]

I'm not going to get into this whole comment battle it's interesting that you consider "Fahrenheit 9/11" a legit documentary. It was created (mostly fabricated) by Michael Moore, a liberal storyteller who is known for making stuff up to try and prove his point of view AND it is also known that he has become a multi-millionaire selling this BS. You think the U.S. media feeds us a load of BS, you happen to be right, but it's still news in some form. But ironically, Michael Moore is the epitome of "Hollywood" make-believers who are only in it for the money. The sad difference is he calls it a documentary.

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I like radio controlled things, cars, planes, helicopters, etc. I also love making art and watching movies.

try that [URL="

Granted, but you can only have the one attached hereto[ATTACH]20838[/ATTACH]bonus: click to enlarge ;)

I respect your views and comments and I understand what you mean Jon. Though you and I both know that many people often deal with long-standing pain and angst towards something/someone with a bit of comedy. I am simply echoing that sentiment and at the same time saying that no matter where you hide, if you are a terrorist we will find you and we will do while continuing to evolve and create better and newer technology (something extremists like OBL seem to hate the "Westernized" world).

Believe me, I take no pleasure at all in the pain or death of people (or animals) but in his case the world takes great pleasure in ridding this planet of that worthless being. This is a good and happy moment for the world. Forgive me if you find this insensitive my friend, but I think it just fine to be a bit giddy right now.

No matter how smart a person is, no matter what the cause or religion, terrorism is not and will not be tolerated by the world. The fact remains, whether in the name of Islam or jihad or whatever his reasons were, Osama Bin Laden was a murderer and a terrorist. That is not the way to get your message heard, it is not the way to advance your agenda, it is never acceptable and it is never respectable in way capacity. He was filth, not worthy of a being called a human, and certainly does not deserve any respect dead or alive. He terrorized the world and caused hatred and wars. He got what he deserved. It's a shame it cost the U.S. and its allies many lives and much money but it is done.

Rumor has it that Osama Bin Laden received his new iPad 2 and instantly became target #1. That's right Mr. Al Qaida, had you [URL="

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honestly you can build a very basic PC (windows or linux) and [URL="

poseidon, no - that link is for downloading and re-installing Windows Media Player 11 only. Please try that and see if it fixes your WMP11 issue. No one ever said that you need to re-install Windows ;)


any luck with that? if so please mark "solved"
if not, let us know so we can think of the next step(s)..

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New GPU is not a problem, just remove old video drivers and install the latest drivers for your vid card. As for motherboard, if your new board is the same chipset or close enough (such as Intel chipset X48 to X58) then it is likely you can just swap boards and Windows might end up having to re-detect some resources. In any case it is always a good idea to download and install the latest chipset and graphics drivers.

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