try that [URL="

honestly you can build a very basic PC (windows or linux) and [URL="

poseidon, no - that link is for downloading and re-installing Windows Media Player 11 only. Please try that and see if it fixes your WMP11 issue. No one ever said that you need to re-install Windows ;)

any luck with that? if so please mark "solved"
if not, let us know so we can think of the next step(s)..

what exactly are we talking about again?

Kraai, you are correct. Once you donate you become a "Sponsor" and you account automatically gets special privileges unlocked. Included is access to Area-51. Once the term of expires so do the privs. But you can always get them back again the next time you donate.

on the left pane, scroll up and check under "favorites" - for some reason they put it there sometimes.

It is just a 51 square pixel area that contains the secrets of DaniWeb and how to win the Internets.

I agree with happygeek. Continue using your platforms, be they Mac or Windows, and when you have an issue or can answer someone else's question go ahead and contribute.

I use Avira's AntiVir along with Spybot S&D

Hey folks check it out!!! Dani took in our suggestions and now you can choose a custom member certificate...
I think she's still ironing out a few details but it is pretty much enabled now. Go to your profile page and see :)

Taken care of people, thanks! it is a bit late to book anything now.
however, anyone interested in writing for us, contributing to the editorial section may PM me directly. There are always opportunities and cool things going on.

welcome aboard. we look forward to seeing you on the boards!

Climber Ty, stay safe.

Nate please email the address above in the post and send info about yourself and your past work, links, etc.

FYI, you would be attending GDC as credentialed press and allowed to cover the event, write about and talk to pretty much anyone. DaniWeb would cover your travel and hotel expenses, your registration and press credentials plus you would receive compensation for each article you produce.

yes like this...

commented: hehehe, ouch! +0

Dani, I agree the text is a bit small/easy to ignore. My $0.02

If anyone is interested in attending/covering GDC on behalf of DaniWeb please contact our editor-in-chief, Eyal Akler at [email][/email]

You must have plenty of experience in Game Development and good reporting / interviewing skills.


i'm holding my breath!

despaminator FTW!

welcome to daniweb

wow, i got sucked into a C++ matter


mark as solved then?

no idea. sorry. good luck!

I don't remember the specific error codes but i remember reading something about PCtools and errors with expired licenses. That said, my bad... [URL="

you may have an expired license then.

is the computer connected to the internet?