The call feature is going to be powered by Skype. It will be Skype to Skype connections, which are fully encrypted. I don't even think the NSA or CIA could tap into it.[/QUOTE]

With their budget I think they probably could if they wanted to.

I am just starting asm in my cs class. What architecture is this?

Wow great mouse. Microsoft does it again. They are on a roll as of late.

Finally!!!! I figured it out!!!!

here is my chat log trying to figure it out with images
13:05] <goddard> I am trying to generate a report using vs2010 running vb.net connect to an access database
[13:05] <goddard> i have two tables that are suppose to be pulled to generate this report
[13:05] <goddard> connected by id numbers
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[13:06] <goddard> so i create a new data set to get all the information into one so i can generate a report
[13:06] <goddard> that works fine and i use the query builder to do that and it gives me the data i need
[13:06] <goddard> i then generate a report with the report wizard and it will only display have the data from one of the tables in the data set
[13:07] <Teycho> You're going to need to post code or screenshots or something, of all the pertinent parts of this question
[13:07] <goddard> ok ill post what ever you like
[13:08] <goddard> let me find my forum post with the sql code
[13:08] <goddard> [url]http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en/vsreportcontrols/thread/7bc2516a-679c-4a25-a782-38566fdf12f8[/url]
[13:08] <goddard> thats the forum explaining it with the sql code that works perfectly for me at displaying the data in the query builder
[13:09] <Teycho> firstly, I'd remove the spaces from your field aliases
[13:09] <Teycho> never a good idea
[13:09] <goddard> yes i ended up doing that :D
[13:09] <Teycho> Names of things, be it tables, variables, keys, fields, etc, etc, really shouldn't ever have/need spaces
[13:10] <Teycho> Then ...

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 and I have a project that I had been working on and now I wanted to do some reporting so I was going to use some crystal reports, but then I found out I gotta install everything so I did that. I then create a crystal report, but when I go to the form designer I see no crystal report viewer and on top of that when I try and build with just the crystal report added I get build errors. When I start a new project I get none and this isn't a new project I started it in vs2010

Can't find the crystal report viewer!!!!

nvm...figured it out

I am trying to display a report, but can't figure out how in vb.net and visual studio 2010...anyone care to help?