in my country Indonesia and I think may be in the other developing country XP is still widely used. the people don't consider security threat very seriously because most hoem computers or laptop don't connect to the internet or may be only occasionally. and as we know XP is very robust

  1. i think you need transaction type because negative not only caused by refund but some times of loss, stock adjustment and so on
    2, for location may be it should be grouped like warehouse and shop floor

for this magnitude of data i think you need a real database not like MS-Access, which sometimes called as database also but actually it is not

of course there is a differences in performance
but in my opinion, unless your application is really mission critical where second counts and u have hundred thousand of records and may be more than one hundred tables u don't need to be worried about performance


actually u only need three tables

  1. main category with key main-category-key and other fields
  2. sub category with primary key : sub-category-key with foreign key main-category-key and other fields
  3. item with primary key is item-key with foreign key sub-category key, and other fields
    alternatively because ur data is small for number 3 u can use another foreign key main-category-key such that u don't need to go through sub category to find the main category your item is in
    i hope it is useful

i will to provide the table for seat only, u have to determine other tables
table name: Seat
parent table : FlightNumber

  • record ID: record identifier
  • flight number: flight number of the trip (including flight number and date)
  • row id
  • seat number in the row
  • seat position: (windows, aisle, middle)
  • seat class : economy, business, first class
  • status: available, occupied, not applicable

hope it will help

actually it is not clear what u means by corrupted records
do u really means records in one table or corrupted tables or corrupted database
please clarify

why don't u go to university's library and find out what previous students do in their thesis
U can compare several thesis to give u an idea
Usually Table of Contents is similar to outlines

first u have to decide wether u will cover in-patient or just clinic with out-patient. It is a good idea to imagine the operation of local hospital. So u can imagine which department to be used.
Based on this operation u can try to determine the table needed and all the screen needed
But first of all u have to make observation to the hospital itself
It is how i design my hospital projects

usually what i did is to load login form when the application loaded.
MDI form will be loaded only after successful login
when user logout close MDI form and show login form
hope it will help

because different database has different error code and description, pls state which database and version that u use
U can also try to find the description of that error in the documentation

Before deciding which proposal i think you should choose between popular business application or others.
For popular business application the easiest way is retail application, but you have to find the company to collect the data because it has many different type like supermarket, chemist and other it has specific requirement. Others could be manufacturing, travel agency and many others. i try to give some examples
Beside popular application you can have library, multimedia or even web browser
You can try to search the samples from other universities or college over the net

good luck

i think it is better you put your code so we can see where is the problem

u can't expect some help without clarify what u need exactly, what system you design, what is the purpose
and also how far u have gone in design

in my opinion it is too difficult to make this kind of application in VB6 too many things we have to do ourselves, because VB6 was developped when internet is still at early stages
in my experience VB6 tools is good as browser only

Actually it is not very clear for me your question but i try to help
if you mean two fields in table A map to the primary key in table B I can give u an example in retail
If an item is received in boxes but is sold as each we hv to make conversion table like this:
tableA: id, UOMReceived, UOMSold, Factor
TableB (unit of measurement) : UOMid, description
if you mean two different fields in table A mapped to 2 different field in tableB (both must be unique) here is an example:
for example item table in retail can have id (as internal code number) and ISBN (standard numbering used especially for books)
so all table concerning table could be indexed by eihter id or ISBN which map to MasterItem
i hope it explain

  1. fpr attendance monitoring, if you only means absentee record you better start to design it by design employee table, absent table and so on. Try to present it so we can help you if if it is correct
  2. Material management is a quite complex database, pls clarify your exact requirement and background

You can find the information through search engine like yahoo, google or others

try to put this on method Timer1_Tick
if relay = on then
relay = off
relay = on
end if
hope it will help

random files is a file type with the following characteristic

  • has a fixed length record
  • it can be accessed directly by record number so if we want to access record number 8 we can go there directly instead of reading from record 1 as we do in normal text files (also called sequential files)
    it has advantages that it is much faster than normal sequential files but it will become larger size if the record size is vary because we hv to use maximum record size as record size
    hope will be usefull

first of all are u sure it is a case study, for me it seems to be a complete inventory system in retail. As far i understand retail inventory is one of the most complex inventory system. But I will try to help u. I will address the issues one by one

  1. For combining traditional and e-commerce it can be done by using credit card company as an agent. Because actually the credit card company who will pay not the customer themselves, and they paid at the end of the month
  2. Usually e-commerce is not held by branch but by special department in the head office
  3. The system still could maintain the customer record in order to make sales analysis per customer or customer group by keeping customer code in each order
  4. I assume one product can be the member of several catalog so i suggest to use CatalogHdr and CatalogDtl
  5. For location problems, there is an easy solution, in the central database u put depot codes as part of the location code. Before the sending from depots to hq and vice versa the depots code can be added or removed
  6. By keeping Sales data consist of customer, agent, product and current price and cost we can make prediction of order for next several weeks in advanced
  7. for agent based discount we can keep them in separate file completed with starting and finished date so we can track it
  8. The same thing ...

usually the performance is not a single one, but it is done several times a day or several days so i think we need an extra table to performance-time an make relationship customer-(performance-time)-seat
for the seat, if there is several types of seat for examples stalls, balcony yes we need seat table unless just seat number is enough

if we consider the purpose to use foreign key is to link one key to another table so we can keep look up the detail information in separate table
but it has consequences: if will speed up searching but it will slow down the update.
if the parent table has only few records and only one field e.g. sex it will be male or female; i think it is better to put the value directly instead of using separate table.
Also if the additional record is unlikely to be added don't use it

it is my opinion

based on assumption :
one clients can have many projects
expenses is type of payments
payments depends on projects and expenses

i suggest to design database:
Clien: Id, Name, address and so on with Id is primary key no foreign key
Projects : Id, ClientId, and so on with Id is primary key and ClientId foreign key linked to Client table
Notes: Id, ProjectId, ClientId, and so on with Id is Primary, ProjectId is foreign linked to Project and ClientId is foreign linked to Client
Expenses: Id, Type with Id is primary
Payments : Id, ProjectId, ClientId, ExpensesId, In, Out and so on with Id is primary, ProjectId is foreign linked to Project, ClientId is foreign linked to Client and ExpensesId is foreign linked to Expenses
Just warning: it is better to put timestamp to most table

hope it will help

While Not EOF(7)
Input #7, InputRead
panjang_rec = Len(InputRead)
arrayRek = Split(InputRead, ";", 8)
temp.path_file = arrayRek(0)
temp.nama_file = arrayRek(1)
temp.nama_penyanyi = arrayRek(2)
temp.judul_lagu = arrayRek(3)
temp.nama_album = arrayRek(4)
temp.genre = arrayRek(6)
temp.durasi = arrayRek(7)
'Debug.Print nama_file
recpos = LOF(15) / reclengtemp + 1
temp.nomor_lagu = recpos
Put #15, recpos, temp
Close #7
sorry but it was VB6 version, but i it will give u the idea
temp is the structure which contains the record
arrayrek just a buffer variable
hope it works

u can use function Split to separate each parts into fields and insert them into database
hope it will help

[QUOTE=vb5prgrmr;1214179]What you are talking about there Al, may I call you Al, is decompiling a program. Now, if you use your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) and search for decompile vb6 programs, you will find a bunch of various programs out there from free to commercial grade that will decompile programs into Visual Basic 6.0 code. However, and let me state that loudly. HOWEVER, what you will get back from those decompilers will look nothing like what you are used to seeing. You will NOT get your original code back. What you will get is a bunch of gobble-de-gook that will actually compile but will be very hard to read (actually some will return code that will not compile back into the orignial program).

Now for a word of warning. I hope you are being honest that this is your program because if it is not, you will be violating I don't know how many laws and there is not a legitimate forum out there that will knowingly support this activity. So be careful as some forums will not even support or allow the discussion of decompilation even if you can prove it is your own program.

Good Luck[/QUOTE]
just additional suggestion
it;s better u try to decompile simple program like adding to numbers or others, make it into projects and try to decompile it
by this way u can realize what u will face
from my experience, it is much easier to rewrite the program
good luck

u culd use $App.path instead of hard coded path so your application will find the needed files in your application folder
I hope it will help

[QUOTE=hoofbeats95;1211846]Hello. I need to include an excel file in the installation project of an application. I've added it to the install project under application folder. I need to read that file into a dataset during runtime. The file needs to be included on install so that the customer can change the file as needed. I have no idea how to access this file in code. Can someone help?[/QUOTE]
can u tell us which installer program do use ?
For every installer program there is step to include extra files in the package, where we can put our additional data like your excell or additional ocx
Please check installer process carefully

the best way if u cud use debugger which can determine which line cause an error, i am still online and will try to help u