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Maybe something in context menu (right click menu) crash explorer ?
If i read it right, the problem is only with the files.
If you right click on a folder explorer work fine.

Download [URL=""][B]from here[/B][/URL][B]ShellexView[/B], and[URL=""][B] from here[/B][/URL][B]shellMenuview[/B]

First run ShellMenu.exe and disable evrything you find suspicious.

Then run the ShellexView and do the same.
To disable an item just select it with your mouse and then click the red button on the uper left corner of the Window.

You may need to disable them all and enable them one at the time, to find what cause the problem.

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If you get this error message when you try to install or uninstall a program ,[B]That not really a serious problem. [/B]
You can deal with it easy in few steps, but we need more info about the program you try to install /uninstall and the exact error message.

The folder you see in the message [B]is located under c:\users\user name\Appdata.[/B]

There is a case that you receive this error message cause Windows 7 [B]by default [/B][B]don't let you install a program or change the contents of this folder[/B] [B]unless you run it as administrator.[/B]

The folder is [B]hidden and read only[/B] usually, [B]it can't be missing[/B], and you can see that if you follow bellow steps:

1) Open Windows Explorer
2) In Windows Explorer go to Computer\"driveletter"\users\"username"

3) With "username" highlighted, click "Organize" (top left of Windows Explorer window) and then select "Folder and Search Options"

4) Check the "Show All Folders" box in the General tab

5) Go to the "View" tab

6) Click to check the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" box

Now you can see %APPDATA% folder on windows explorer.

To eliminate this error try to log-in as Administrator and right click on any instalation file and choose "run as administrator"

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[QUOTE]jholland1964 WROTE:
and if biggeo65 had taken the time, which he obviously has not, to read the instructions on that link he would have known that all ready and not reposted that request. [/QUOTE]

When I start typing my answer there was no other answer or link to read instructions from.

I am not a computer geek,my knowledge comes from 20 years searching reading and deal with computer problems, nothing more nothing less, and my answer was about the steps I followed to resolve the specific problem in my computer.

And believe me it took many nights of search and read and discuss to resolve this particular problem,till I had to deal with it manually.

Was never in my intention to repost or ignore specific steps posted from someone else,
I just post the steps I followed to resolve this specific problem,as you clearly can see.

I think it will be wiser to help others without attack anyone that try to help too.

As I wrote I always respect others opinnion, as many know more than I do, I am not a computer geek, and only answer to problems I had to dealt with in the past.

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s you wrote you use Chrome for default browser, so you can disable the so many toolbars load with Internet explorer.

A) [B]The "EASY WAY"[/B] Open internet explorer, click on [B]Tools /Internet explorer optionn[/B], and when window open click on [B]ADVANCED TAB [/B]and click the button[B] Restore or RESTORE DEFAULT [/B]on the bottom right. This way Internet Explorer will reset to it's default configuration and all toolbars, helper objects and other controls wich are not necessary will be remove .As you use Chrome for default browzer you probably don't need them.

[B]If above don't work and still have problems do the following:[/B]

B) "THE SECURE BUT TOUGH WAY" Even these toolbars [B]are not related with your problem[/B],[B]except Conduit engine (known for problems[/B] [B]you can run HijackThis [/B][B]and click the box infront of the entries bellow[/B] to check them and then [B]click fix button [/B]on HijackThis window.

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = [url][/url]

R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = [url][/url]

R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = [url][/url]

R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search,CustomizeSearch =

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar,LinksFolderName =

R3 - URLSearchHook: ToggleEN Toolbar - {038cb5c7-48ea-4af9-94e0-a1646542e62b} - C:\Program Files\ToggleEN\tbTogg.dll

O2 - BHO: ToggleEN Toolbar - {038cb5c7-48ea-4af9-94e0-a1646542e62b} - C:\Program Files\ToggleEN\tbTogg.dll

O2 - BHO: Browser Address Error Redirector - {CA6319C0-31B7-401E-A518-A07C3DB8F777} - c:\google\BAE.dll (file missing)

[B]Becarefull to check only the box infront of entries you see above.[/B]

After you check the asbove entries and click fix it, hiJackThis may ask to reboot system. Reboot.

If problems presist (as [B]CONDUIT ENGINE [/B]and its components like [B]tbTogg.dll[/B] etc., ...

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[QUOTE=emilyjason;1205080]I'm having a problem with me desktop PC. When I boot it, it boots properly, but after reaching at desktop with few seconds, it shutdowns automatically. I am unable to find out the reason. Would any body help me?[/QUOTE]

[B]Can you enter in safe mode;
Reboot your PC, and tap F5 usually to ENTER safe mode,

I suspect a driver or a program load on start up.
Or even a malware, but we must eliminate the possibility
of the start up programs first before try other options.

As you in safe mode go to START /RUN and when the box open
type "msconfig" without "" to open msconfig window.

In there click on start up TAB on top, and uncheck everything
that load on start-up ,and do't belong to microsoft.
Even your anti-virus and firewallif you use any.

You can start anti-virus and firewall from within windows later.
See how it went and post back [/B]

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[B]Υour logfile is cleaN. I don't see any threat caught on it.
So try the solution we talk about shellext, and tell me how it went..

Download Shellexview and disable all NON MICROSOFT
contexrt menu items, [/B]

[B]You must consinder to download and Install SP3, for windows[/B]
[B]Patch a lot of windows "holes".[/B]

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[QUOTE=rtllz;1186189]I tried that and it doesn't go into the settings, it just pauses and then shows the error message for like 2 seconds and then shows a blue box saying power on password.[/QUOTE]
[B]Do you ever set a password to ENTER BIOS;
If yes, thyen try to remember it,

If not,or if you CAN'T remember it
you need to remove RTC baterry from motherboad,
That mean you need to remove the back cover from your laptop
and remove the RTC battery, is a battery look like a coin,
or use the jumper on your motherboard to reset it.
If you don't know how to do that, then you need to ask technical support from ΗP.[/B]

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[QUOTE=rtllz;1185631]its a HP Compaq d530 Small Form Factor Desktop PC. When ever i press F10 it just says and then shows the power on password screen[/QUOTE]
[B]HP has a standard procedure to do thisa.

A. Press and hold for 5 seconds the power button to
turn off your PC.

Press and hold F10 button while you push power button to turn ON the PC.
(Press AND HOLD F10, THEN HIT power button)
C. Release F10 button after you see some text on screen.


[B]If above didn't work ,contact with HP technical suport to schedule
a repair.

Of cource if we knew what changes you made on your PC , you could repair it from yourself,
except if you tried ΒIOS update, and update went bad.[/B]

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[QUOTE=rtllz;1185594]i recently encountered a strange error with my computer, everytime i turn it on it it comes up with a black screen that has the option of entering the bios menu and booting from the network, ive tried going to both of those and they dont work and it comes up with the error message 162-system options not set and then when it goes away a blue box comes up saying power-on password? Can someone please help me solve this problem and get my computer working again. Thanks in advance :/[/QUOTE]
[B]What kind of computer do you have; I mean the brand.
Try to shut down your computer, cut the power off,
restart it with F10, or F1 button pressed,
(that depends on the brand, could be also the DEL button),
to force to ENTER BIOS, and after you enter BIOS highlight
the line says "LOAD BIOS-DEFAULT" and hit ENTER.

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[B]The way I use, is to click on files menu, choose Import / Export,
when new window open click on export to file / click next
click on personal files (.pst) click next
you will see a list with all your e-mail accounts and folders,

select those you want to save,

save them on a USB memory stick or on a DVD,

transfer them to your new computer,
open outlook 2003, click on filew menu,
click on Import Export
click on import personal files
click next
and let outlook 2003 import your files.[/B]

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[QUOTE=geneliajai;1184777][B]I have been troubled by shitty billy's error windows explorer error for the past 5 months, i use lots of video editing software's, so initially i need lots of codec's. I have installed K-Lite megacodec pack and due to antivirus pro i had to remove my anti virus n number of times but reinstalled the same antivirus. Since then this problem started, when ever i click on "Start-Turn of computer" a message pop-up saying windows explorer has generated error and needs to close, even when i right click on my desktop this message appears, i removed all the codec's but to no use, i repaired my computer using my original windows XP cd and even used this command in windows mode"sfc.exe /scannow" to restore all my original files but the problem hasn't gone, i feel to kill my computer but think i will be the first looser so control myself. Isn't there any solution for windows explorer error, like registry editing or any tool remove this problem.[/B][/QUOTE]

[B]I don't think your problem is codec related.
Usually a 3rd party software can cause such problems
and as you wrote thiw problem occur even when you
try to right click on desktop.

That means a Shell extention (a program that is on a right click list)
can cause this problem [/B]
[B]To troubleshoot this, download ShellExView from here:
run it, and you can see on a list what items you have when your right click with your mouse, (Context menu Items) ...

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[B]Microsoft has a support lifecycle policy.
According to this Policy, support to Windows NT SP 6, STOPPED at
12 /31 /2004.
To see more about this policy and find a list with all the programs
supported from Microsoft and when this support expires,
see the link bellow:

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[B]Υοur laptop has a FN key , on keyboard's bottom left corner
usually, press it while boot to start a diagnostic test, if thiw
is an option.

Some laptops has the above option.

Also if you ENTER BIOS , and disabled the PLUG N' PLAY OS,
and let BIOS adress all the divices , maybe solve the problem.

When you get such messages, can be software
or and hardware related, and we can't have a clear answer.[/B]