[QUOTE=smith09;1211135]What do you like on internet?

  1. Reading new stuff, interesting blogs
  2. Reading and posting on forums
  3. Buying something
  4. Selling something
  5. Something else
    Please share your views on this topic[/QUOTE]

I'd go for reading new stuff such as interesting topics. :) more specifically about entertainment news! ;)

[QUOTE=vegaseat;1240008]Mine without a doubt is Marilyn Monroe.[/QUOTE]

I definitely love Drew Barrymore. Most of her movies are really funny and good to watch.

[QUOTE=ﻼim;1314275]what's the best and worst thing happened to you being in love? Ϋ[/QUOTE]

Being too stupid to believe his lies.. best part? when he's not lying. :)

[QUOTE=Hernandez;454575]I would be grateful if you guys shared some info about the best places to create website at, and tell me why it is better than others. It should be economical and reliable.
I'm looking to create my own website, so it'll be great help.[/QUOTE]

The best web hosting companies are the ones that has minimum pay but has competent services. Try searching google so you could get a good list of web hosting companies, I would also suggest not to solely rely on recommendations but more on feedbacks on how the company satisfies their current clients. :)

I have used a free web guestbook wherein I just attached the code to my website and I instantly have the guestbook feature in my website. Try googling it, you will find a bunch of free webhosts who can offer you that kind of service. :)

[QUOTE=Debscrafty;1318016]What makes a web site great? How do you evaluate good design? Any tips?[/QUOTE]

A good website would have simple but good graphic display, good content to read on and user friendly features for easy access to the whole website.

I agree that AdWords is still the best PPC service around. I have seen it work well for a variety of businesses and bring in a good number of visitors. However, you need to fine tune your AdWords’ campaign so that you get the best return on your investment. Checking what keywords are popular and trending should be one of the things you do on a monthly basis.

If you run a company or are a part of one, and need to have a presence on Facebook then buying friends should definitely be considered. Why waste countless hours creating fake Facebook accounts which are going to be blocked anyway? As long as it is legitimate, buying Facebook friends can help overcome many problems that social marketers face.

I think Youtube can be a great business promotion tool, as companies and individuals are increasingly using it to promote products or for research purposes. If think that Youtube is too risky for your business as your clients do not use it. Do some research and find out how your competitors use it, you can always pick up a few ideas from them.

I don't own an ecommerce site but I worked for a client before who owns one. The CMS used was XCart. I find it easy to use and with good support too from the provider. I've been hearing also of Magento and Oscommerce. They are becoming popular these days.

I would personally recommend social media marketing, social bookmarking, article marketing (writing and submitting to directories) and blog creation. There are other strategies like search engine submission and email marketing. But I haven't tried them yet. Currently, I find social media marketing as the most effective.

There are a lot of social media sites now. But what works best for me now is Facebook. The number of people doing site marketing through Facebook continues to increase. Since Facebook is the most popular social networking site now, a lot are taking advantage of its popularity to market their business. Twitter is also good but I find Facebook more effective now.