My brother's laptop is a Elite brand. I don't know what is the problem with it. When I turned on the laptop, it took a long time to boot or even go to its bios. The battery doesn't charge too. My brother said the hard disk is new and it doesn't have a OS yet. Don't know what to do. Can someone help?

I am listening to RnB songs right now while surfing the internet.

I don't know with that part. Wives are like that when they grow a lil older? LoL

[QUOTE=adairace;1187866]Windows 7 is best Than Windows Vista and Windows XP.[/QUOTE]

Really? I use Windows XP for a long time now. If I use Vista, probably my computer will be crawling. Is it still advisable to use Windows 7? Because my computer might be slow in using Windows 7.

If you really want a reliable shop for Dell, try to check their site and buy from there.

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Even if you delete a friend on Facebook, you will definitely appear on their friends list unless of course they will also delete you.

I feel old because I appreciate more the classic songs than I did before. LoL

Listening to classic songs now.

My favorite TV show of all time is Charmed. I also liked Amazing Race and Survivor. I don't watch tv all the time now.

I am not really into games but when I tried Diablo, I am hooked into it.

Does Acer laptops endure 24 hours and 7 days a week?

I am new in this forum. I hope you will welcome me in here and share your ideas, computer experiences, and knowledge to everyone.

I am new here and I have some questions about Windows 7. Is it way better than any operating system? What is its pros and cons? I hope someone could help me about this.