You have not answered my question.

Besides it depends what profession you are in, so "Is this what professionals do?" is not a valid question.

And you don't have to uninstall your Windows if you are happy with it. I am happy with the mix of it.

If you really go out and see how people work on computers, you will be shocked, majority of people go to google and then type the domain name in the search field and then click on the result to go to the site.

But then there is a big minority of users too who knows how to use different technologies old/new to do what they want while saving time and having more control.

[QUOTE=adam_k;1684560]Tell me about it. No matter what you can't convince me that it's faster to type net user username /whatever /domain instead of having the domain users and computers window minimized on your taskbar.

I'm a professional and because speed counts I use GUI - on Windows OS -. It's that much faster and you can't fat-finger a 500 characters command.[/QUOTE]

Guide me how to do this in Windows GUI

[CODE]copy file1.txt file2.txt[/CODE]

That's why i mentioned Linux.

On streets and from companies you will get totally different answers.

People working on Windows have left CLI long back, many newly trained freshers don't even know what DOS is and how to use it.

Just yesterday I had a friend (working at a big printing company) calling me to help him out. He had been using Windows all his life, must have clicked on "Command Prompt" under Accessories accidentally, and he was scared to death. Told me "something happened to my windows, all black screen with just a C:\". He was so scared and believed his machine is dead and all data lost. After I helped him to get out of command prompt, he asked what was that and what was C:\ . And he has been using windows for more than 8 years now.

No offense but if you have ever used CLI on Linux, you would have never created this survey.

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Both have their own positives, basically it's not what is best, it's what is best for you. So if you are comfortable with joomla use it, if you know wordpress inside out use it. Both can be used to create any kind of site.

Though this thread is quite old, but this seems related to my problem, so joined this forum to discuss and seek resolution of the problem.

I have this Dell Studio Laptop with Vista 64bit working fine for last one year. Today screen started flickering when something like Notepad, gTalk chat window or similar application is open. It works fine when no application is open or if a browser, or Word or Excel are open.

There was no update done in last few days, so I am confused and trying to find out what could be the reason, I have also checked and no virus is there.

Any suggestions?