I’ve been an apple user for years, and gradually get familiar with apple software and hardware’s characters. Though I still out line of buying an iPad from apple shop, but I can’t wait to fancy playing my DVD movies upon iPad. I know that I should get a converter or ripper or the stuff like this, and I know it well. As always, I consult google for a while and get Handbrake finally.


With the step-by-step tutorial above, I quit to conclude a how-to article about how to use Handbrake since I am a fresh too. Otherwise, I note something that not that favorable as I thought before.

  1. I'm trying to recode a blue Ray rip that is in h.264 format. I have got this to work on a bunch of DVD rips but for some reason the sound and video are there but they are not overlapping, surely they also call this A/V out of Sync.
  2. Handbrake will NOT be able to convert individual video files saved on a DVD-ROM.
  3. I noticed that while encoding Alice in Wonderland (not a great movie) that my CPU was being totally used up by Handbrake. I am on a new MacBook (Snow Leopard 10.6).
    And maybe these are not a big deal comparing with other software. But I still give a wish to the update of Handbrake or something that alternative to HB.