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ya backlinkwatch and webmaster both are the best tools for check backlinks .. for more traffic i think you have to use social networking .. this is effective ..

ya really i m using both for my site and i have found positive response my traffic increase tree times ...

ya really micro blogging is the best way to generate traffic .. thanks for sharing

sorry but shot cut is always shot cut .. use white hat seo don't think about black hat seo bcuz with black hat seo you can generate huge traffic ... just use socialbookmarking or social networking site ..

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robots.txt is mainly use for leave those pages which you not want to read by Google...

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in onpage optimization all mata tag optimization, alt tag, title tag optimization ... etc these are the mostly used things in onpage ....

seo is use for visibility on google and it is the perfect way to rank your site ... it is the main part of the internet marketing ..

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yes you can optimize it in same type..

hello friends i m working for a site name this site is related to insurance quotes. now the problem is this yesterday my site ranks on two keywords free insurance quote, insurance quote online at 168 and 82. but today when i search for them they are not in ranking .. why???? please help me

i m waiting for answer .. thanks in advance

why are you looking for tricks just follow the seo rules and promote your site ..

yes it is very useful in seo you can use it for increase traffic or for good backlinks .. but your contents should be unique.

just simple collect more and more back links .. to improve ranking on Google

read it

seo is a technique by which we can rank our site on Google or other search engines. i think for more you have to read e books which are available on google ... there you can learn in brief .. best of luck

contents play a big role in ranking if they are unique or healthy on your site then it is beneficial for you but if it is duplicate content then it can effect on your ranking ... so use unique contents...

use forum posting for collect high quality back links ... this is the best way to collect healthy backlinks ..enjoy

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ya use your website links on the keywords they will really helpful try it ..

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ya i think 10 to 15 is healthy for a day .. use it i m also use it ..

use SEO for rank your site this is the only way which helps you to rank your site ... go for SEO companies for it... enjoy

yes choose seo and see the results ..