GUYs, pls help me in installing openCV in win7 64-bit, i downloaded opencv 2.3 its round about 141mb and it has some cmake files. i got it from here
i dont know how to proceed further?

I want to know how to make a C++ wrapper class.
Ex. Plugin.hpp
if i have coded for Plugin.h and Plugin.cpp

I exactly want to integrate a GPS API that can work when the website is opened from a mobile, and we can get the latitude and longitude of a place by using that API which can taken as a input from user of that place where he is ???……!!!

Anybody with knowledge of GPS API's.....or who has done work on GPS pls replyyy..

hi , freinds ... i am stuck up with same problem new to web development and want to integrate tinymce in it ......but dont knw exactly how to do it can any1 of you can guide me to it.

starting installing i didnt get 1 thing how to install gzip in php.ini
and why and how we should uninstall zlib from that as these are mandatory before proceeding...????????????????????????????

can any1 guide through steps..???