Costing an seo job surely has to rely on several factors.

  1. The websites current ranking position
  2. Targeted Keywords & Competition
  3. Quality of the Sites Optimisation
  4. The amount of work you have to do to get the results the client wants.

Personally i don't agree with this package structure because SEo really should be tailored to what is needed, surely?

Cheers Finito,

I will look in to it, though i know it isn't going to be a cheap solution, the bin is looking more favorable at the moment.

[QUOTE=finito;1241456]Well, There is a way. Pay the data Professionals to read your platter in the process break your wallet.

I have had that happen to me a few times. But I never learn.[/QUOTE]

I agree with Site Tutor, A Monthly fee is the best solution as SEO Work is generally an ongoing process, however the monthly fee does need to reflect the strength of the keywords. I recently carried out some SEO work for a company and moved them from page 5 to page 1 in no time at all in an industry that wasn't that competetive and my fee reflected that, whilst i am very aware that some companies charge a basic flat monthly fee regardless og the strength of the keywords.

I kind of agree that reciprocal links are really only good if they are placed on websites with similar content or subject matter as your site might then be of interest to the visitors of the site carrying your links.

With Regards to search engine rankings, the links to your site will still be counted by Google but i don't think they are as valueable in terms or ranking as they once were and think you would benefit from good one way links if improving your search engine ranking is your target.

Firstly I would recommend you carryout a key word density check on your website so that you can see how optimised your site is for your chosen keywords. Type keyword density checker in to google and it will provide you with some free tools.

Check to see if your page title is optimised along with meta description, keywords etc and of course the contents of your site.

Write some good articles on your sites subject which contain backlinks to your site using anchor text and then submit these articles through free article submission websites.

If you can start a blog on your site maybe with some key word rich articles, create some good backlinks and if possible post in some subject related forums which allow signature links.

Hope this helps

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Hi All,

The other day i was quickly trying to retrieve some info off an old a hard drive in my computer, so being silly and lazy i unclipped the side and plugged it in and switched the computer back on. Now the probelm is i didn't secure it in place and just balanced it on top of an existing hard drive.

Now the next thing i know the drive slipped off top of the other drive and there was a little bang and suddenly a smell of burning. Immediatley i unplugged the drive and the computer, and sure enough some of the circuitry had burnt out.

The next day i bought a new pcb for the drive thinking that would be all i needed to do to get it working again but it's still dead. Now i am kicking myself for being such an idiot, i am normally never so stupid and can not believe i have lost all of that information, this will certainly teach me, but is there anyway i can get the drive working again, or should it go straight in the bin.