Linkedin is another way to do social networking, like facebook but this is more on business type unlike with facebook you will interact with different kinds of people online. I will try linkedin as well...


If you are searching something on google, yahoo and bing search engines. You use word/s to find certain info on the web. Those word/s are Keywords and are used to make business online. This is where SEO starts to play. Hope this will help.

[QUOTE=jiten702;1258708]Hi all......

         How much important is bolding of keywords in the content part of the website.....does it improves rankings in search engines?[/QUOTE] 

Hi jiten, bolding a keyword doesn't help if your goal is optimizing a site. Except it is catchy to the eye. But in terms of SEO, there's nothing special. Hope this will help.


Hi, I'm new to SEO and my friend taught me simple strategies on how to optimize a website and I am learning and grasping the concept of it. I also see the progress.

You have to determine what keyword/s you will use for your site that is marketable and you have a least competitor site. Then start the basic SEO processes.

  1. Article Marketing (Make you are using do follow article directories when you post your articles to count it as links for you mother site.

  2. Blogging (Another way to build link to your site and you can make a network of bloggers here and you can optimize your site by creating back links.)

  3. Bookmarking and Social Networking (Another way of letting people know about your site.)

  4. Forums and Commenting (Another way of informing people that your site is active, make sure that you have to post comments on forum sites that is also related to your product or the nature of your site.)

Make this four steps your daily habit then track the progress of your rank on google (daily, weekly, monthly) and you will be surprise that your site is at page 1 of google.

Hope this helps!

Hi skseo,

I prefer Word press as well since you will use Word press platform for your site. You can use Google ad-sense to it and aside from that there are many SEO plugins that you can utilize to promote your site. Unlike with blogger there are limited application that you can use. Try to do some research as well... :)

Hope this will help


Just a pieces of advice...

  1. Find someone in your area who is expert how to do SEO and social networking. It's better to work with someone personally than any other means like online or virtual partners. You can post a job opening in your area (you need to be a fully registered firm to do this).
  2. if option 1 is not available hire someone online. You can post job opening to any freelancing sites or online market... You can choose the right people and of course find a reliable online market place for you to negotiate.
  3. if option 1 and 2 is not the cup of your tea, you can search online tutorials but that takes a lot of time.
    I prefer the first one, it's more secure.

Hope this will help.

Wow that's cool... Another source of information. Let me try and see. Thanks for letting us know.