Learn how to use VSTO plug-ins, they're quite useful.

Very Interesting, Thanks.

I have a datagridview in my windows application. The user can click to sort columns and can move them around.

How do I obtain a datable (or similar container) with data in the same order?

-Can someone help me create a setup project for an Excel add-in-
I created the add-in via VS 2010 (Visual C# -> Office -> 2010 -> Excel 2010 Add-In) and now need to create a set-up file such that when the user installs it, the add-in is automatically loaded into Excel.

This is what I tried: Creating a new Set-Up Project and adding "Project Output." That didn't work :'(

I know the add-in itself works because everytime I build it gets successfully loaded. Please help!

I have a .NET project (written in C#) that is a plug-in for Outlook. For this to work, I need VSTO installed on the machine. This is why I would like VSTO to be a prerequisite to my Setup, but it's not listed. Help, anyone?

Thanks in advance.

I don't think I can use ClickOnce (or can I?) because it's a plug-in...

Suppose I open up Outlook 2007. On the bottom left, there are four folder buttons: Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks.

I will have a C# plug-in running and wondering if there is anyway to detect when the "Tasks" button is clicked.

Thank you very much in advance!

eh, I had looked there too. No luck so far; I tried sorting the TaskItems folder, but there is no sort by category! D:

Damn, no one? D:

I figured it out myself soon after, but thank you very much anyway :D

Alright. In Outlook, if I want to arrange my tasks by categories, I can go View->Arrange By->Categories.

My question is, is there anyway to do this programatically?

Thanks a bundle :D

Allright... but this is horribly obvious code.

Suppose I have an Outlook account that is logged in at the computer. How can I send an email from this account to a given contact (if this can be a group, that would be really nice) via a C# program?

Thank you very much!