So what inane, extremist position are you attempting to gain over him by making him sound like he's sitting around in a wife beater drinking a Natty Ice with your replies? Until the sun stops shining, there will be an endless sea of stupid people always doing stupid things, some of who will inevitably purchase firearms and do said stupid things with them. The same stupid people get behind the wheels of cars and kill families on their way to vacations because they're texting or drink and shoot off fireworks and blow their friend's eye out. He's just vying for himself and many other gun owners by saying that there are measures to take, and like the intelligent person he is, does utilize to insure his wellbeing by owning a firearm, and in the process, protecting the wellbeing of others by owning one responsibly. It's not Hollywood. Americans aren't sleeping with pistols under their pillows.

And ardav--I suggest you look at a per capita comparison between the US and Mexico.

[QUOTE=jon.kiparsky;1288911]@Biker - yeah, that'll be the macho posturing I was talking about.

Allowing, though, that you're about the deadliest superhero with watchful eyes to put a hawk's to shame, bear in mind that most people are not that, and if they try to be like you, you're going to have a lot of dead and injured non-muggers (false positives) and a lot of well-armed muggers (false negatives).[/QUOTE]

I'm part of the philosophy that it's better to own a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it.