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Hi All,

I am using Java(Structs framework) for developing my application.

User enter the values in text box in bottom of the screen.

Then the page is refresh that is Request will send to Application after that the Screen goes to Top. But I want the page where I send the Request...

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Hi all,

I want to sent an email to user using Jav Mail API. But the email is sent without any authentication..

Can I do this?

Please give the examples or Help me..

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Hi all,

I want to built tristate checkbox using Javascript.

There is lot of examples for this problem.. All have processed with Images.

But I want to use this with out image.

Can anybody help me out of this problem?


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Thank you smantscheff. I solved the problem using your tip

[QUOTE=smantscheff;1369622][CODE]insert into ZTable1 select 1, ZTable.* from ZTable
Or maybe you want
[CODE]insert into ZTable1 select TId,TId,TName,TAge from ZTable
It's hard to tell from your post.[/QUOTE]

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Hi all,

I am using mySql query to insert a row into table.

I have two tables as Table1 and ZTable1.

Table1 has 3 fields TId,TName,TAge .

ZTable1 has 4 fields ZTId,TId,TName,TAge.

Table1 has 1 row.

1, Myl,24.

Now i want to insert values to ZTAble1 as 1,(1,Myl,24) these values from Table1.

I insert that row in ZTable1 along with 1 as ZTId.

How can I do this?

Plz very urgent.

Help me.


Any one can help me..

It is very urgent

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Hi all,

I am using JAVAMailAPI for sending emails.

And I set the Message.setEnvelopeFrom(ReceiveMailId); to receive the failure notice,

and my problem is if the mail host and ReceiveMailId domain, it sent the failure notice,

but both are different , it did not sent the failure notification email.

How can i set this?

Please help me..

Thanks in Advance..


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Hi all,

How to I know the Delivery Status of Sending Email.

I am Using JavaMail API to send an Email to ToUser.

The code is :

  SMTPTransport tr =  (SMTPTransport) poSession.getTransport("smtps");

Is there Any method to get the Status?

Please help me




Could anyone help me to out of this Problem?

Help should be highly appreciated..



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Hi all,

I am using Java code to send email to users.

The code is

  SMTPTransport tr =  (SMTPTransport) poSession.getTransport("smtps");

FromMailId is from user mailid

Password is from user password.

Message is what can from user sent to toUser

Message.getAllRecipients() are to user mail id..

But how do i know whether the Email is Successfully Sent or Not?

Ex the User give the Email address as '' instead of ''

Is any method to identity this problem?

I am waiting for your valuable reply..

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OK thanks for your reply, but i want to displayed the output as Number, whatever the user gives an Input..

If it id default number means i Check and Displayed the Default Output, like Fifty.

But various input means?

Please Help me to solve?


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Hi all,

I want to display the Number values instead of String.

For example, if the User gives the Input as fifty, i displayed the Output as 50.

Is any existing method in Java to call for displaying Numbers?

Or how can i solve this problem?

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Hi musthafa,

Now i Understand the Problem,

My Problem is java Does not encode the String in UTF8 format, then i change the encode format type as UTF16, Big5, ISO-8859-1 ,means it does convert the String as encode.

Does any change from my Netbaens or Java?

It does not convert only UTF8 in Linux.. But my Linux support the UTF8 format also.

Plz help me,

Waiting for you Valuable reply,




Sorry for Replication ,

It is very urgency know, that is why i posted two times sorry


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Hi all,

I am using Netbeans for Java and MySql to Store my Datatbase,

I get inputs from User and Encode the String input and Store the Data in my Database ,

My Problem is Some Strings are Stored as '??????' in my database.

I am using code for Encoding is

String psStringDsc = "áâãäåæçèéêëíìîïð ";
psStringDsc=new String(psStringDsc.getBytes("UTF-8"));

And Using Code

CAST(_utf8'"+psStringDsc + "' AS CHAR CHARACTER SET latin1) in Insert Query and Store the Data.

When I ran my Project in Windows Platform , It stored the Original values in Database, but i ran my Project in Linux Platform , it stored '?????' instead of Original value..

Can I do anything in my machine for character encoding?

Or How can i solve this Problem?

Thanks in Advance



First Thanks for your valuable reply,

It is helpful,

When I run my Project in Windows Platform , it converts the String smoothly and no issues occurred,

When I run my Project in Linux Platform , it does not Convert the String in Unicode 8 format,

The result of the converted Unicode String in Both Windows and Linux Platform is

String psString ="ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö";

psString = new String(psString.getBytes("UTF-8"));

This is the Code and Output is

Windows output : "ØÙÚÛÜ�Þßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö"

But in Linux ,it does not Convert and display as "ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö".

I converted the String and Stores in Database, my Database is MySql, and Using code for Insert Query is

CAST(_utf8'"+psString + "' AS CHAR CHARACTER SET latin1)

Can i change any encoding options in Linux Platform?

Or How can i Solve this?


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Hi all,

I am using getBytes() method in Java to encode the String,

When I encode the String some string values does not Encode..

The Code is

String psString ="ØÙÚÛÜÝÞßàáâãäåæçèéêëìíîïðñòóôõö";

psString = new String(psString.getBytes("UTF-8"));

I am Using Netbeans tool for Java.

In Windows XP OS , it converts in to Encode String and coming to Linux it does not convert the String..

Can anyone help me to out of this Problem?

Help Should be highly Appericiated..

Thanks in Advance,



Hi once more thanks for your reply,

Actually, we want to store a responsibilities value in a table.

If the user may copy their responsibilities from their resume and paste here(in text area). When we get this value directly through Java-Servlet(without escape() method) and insert these data into database table means it stored.

But in list it displays some junk characters like â„¢. To avoid this problem , using escape() and Unescape() methods. That is why i was doing like this..


Thanks for you reply,

In my textbox(or Text area), we get the value and call a method escape() in Javascript in converted it into junk replace values and then we get the value from XSL using request.getParameter() method and store the value in database.

Then get the value from Database and in our list XSL , we display the normal value(All values) using unescape() method in Javascript.

If i do not do like this means, Junk Characters displayed in my list screen. That is why we convert it like this.

It came problem when Search..




I am using Javascript Escape() method to replace a junk values and get the values in Servlet and

store the data in database table.

For Ex : the Input is given by the User : 1) a b c d
2) 1 2 3

And the input are stored the database like this : 1) a%20b%20c%20d
2) 1%202%203

In List, I displayed it through unescape() Javascript method and Print the Original user input data.

But my Problem is when I search in the List servlet it display the unwanted data, which is in database but it does not contain the search value.

For Ex: I give 2 as Search value it display above both value.

But the User give 2 as input in second value only.

Is there any methods or solution in MySQL?



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Hi all,

I am using Java Servlets with XML and XSLt,

I am getting the values from text area in XSL , the value is using Escape method in Javascript.

The code is Like

[code] src = frm.txtFeedBackDsc.value;
src=rtrim(src,' ');
dest= escape(src);

And the Value is stored in Database. If the value contains Special characters it should convert it into escape character and stored it.

For example it have a output in XSL : a b c means it stored it in database as a%20b%20c like this.

I print it in XSL again Using unescape method using javascript.

The code is like

[code] src=document.txtFeedBack.value;
document.txtFeedBack.value =dest;[/code]

But my problem is when i search this element i got an unwanted data.

When i search like just 2 and start search, it displayed the above data also.

Is there any methods or solutions to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance for you help..