thank you i will give it a try.

thank you but, the problem I have is the user closes Outlook and I need Outlook to remain open. they don't minimize Outlook, it's closed. The VB script is in the startup but, I need it to run every 5 minutes to insure Outlook stays open and if it is closed by the user it will open by it's self. Some of my users have a habit of shutting Outlook down after they read their email in the morning then they will open it in the afternoon. Here is the script I wrote to open and chck if it is open.[CODE][/CODE]
Dim AllProcess
Dim Process
Dim strFoundProcess
strFoundProcess = False
Set AllProcess = getobject("winmgmts:") 'create object
For Each Process In AllProcess.InstancesOf("Win32_process") 'Get all the processes running in your PC
If (Instr (Ucase(Process.Name),"OUTLOOK.EXE") = 1) Then 'Made all uppercase to remove ambiguity. Replace Outlook.EXE with your application name in CAPS.
'You can replace this with Reporter.ReportEvent
strFoundProcess = True
Exit for
End If
If strFoundProcess = False Then
Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oShell.Run "outlook.exe", 1, False
'You can replace this with Reporter.ReportEvent
End If
Set AllProcess = nothing

jwelch Newbie Poster

I'm fairly new to VB Scripting, i have written a vb script that will check to see if out look is open and it is not it will open it. i want to a some code in that script that will allow it to run every 5 minutes un till the computer is shut off.

Can you help?