ah good one... you need to more background work on VOIP... VOIP in Web... Most possible using API its easy. if not using API, then go for an opensource VOIP if available

its simple... use ASP Menu... theres no need of clicking the Menu... IF you hover it on to the Main Menu it will display the submenu

Simple... Access the Folder and get the FileName.
Check the extension of Filee. If it is CSS
then apply it to the Page as Page.Style dynamically

_BLL.GetName(_myEntities); i hope this method returns string. Quick watch this..
myLabel.Text = session["getName"].ToString(); needs to return string... Check the is null condition with string and then convert it to string.

u can use Css to your ModalPopupExtender to make UI rich. For Example u can use BackgroundCSSClass

You can do one more thing Go to Visual Studio Properties --> Build Events --> In a Post Build Event --> Type like this copy "Your Source Location" "Destination Location",. Thats it. Visual studio will take care the rest of the things. i.e., it will copy the DLL From Source Location to Destination Location on every new Build

System.Windows will be.. java.awt.* ., what do you mean by VI? In C# MessageBox.Show and in VB it is MSGBOX

what do you mean by External IP? Lan IP or Public IP?

Hint is Read about SYSTEM.NET.MAIL, to acheive your task

Do you a need a SQL query or VB.NET CODE?

Open the visual studio in administrator mode and try it out

Tell Me one thing.. Do You want extract Emails From you Gmail or hotmail Inobox? Is yes thats simple you need use IMAP or POP to extract all the mails

what you are saying is that the cost details are not displaying in Form? or do you want check the nulls , before inserting the data into DB?

BhuvanRam Newbie Poster

Recently we are converting Datatable to List of Models.. I had a class called Person ( personid ,PersonChildId} and I implemented my class as

public class Person 
    public Int64 PerosnId{ get; set; }
    public Int64 PersonChildID{ get; set; }

I sucessfully converted my Datatable to List by using simple for loop. But now the problem is as we know Datacolumn has a property called Caption. but unfortunately models don't have.
So how do we need implement a Caption property for the Model for these kind of scenarios.

How you are transferring.... Tell me the which topic you are using Client --> Server, Remoting , Web Service ? if you are more clear then its easy to help you out

create an object for that xaml.cs class and access it

AFAIK To persist the data in our Page Life Cycle, We use State Management Mechanism. But to persist the object we use static Keyword. But be carefull if you are planning to implement this

if (dtrRead.Read())
            Response.Write("<script>alert(' - User already exist')</script>");
         else if (dtra.Read())
            Response.Write("<script>alert(' - IC already exist')</script>");
        else if(dtrb.Read()){
            Response.Write("<script>alert(' - Email already exist')</script>");

yours Above Script is displaying same Messages. i think you are tired of doing CODE :)

Hi Try this.. But i am not sure about this..

Let us take an Example. We had an Office Microsoft in Hyderabad with a Network Name Called "MS Net". We had an another office called MS Dynamics in Chennai Called "MS Dynamics". MS Dynamics wants to give a project to Microsoft Company. But they Microsoft people has to work in MS Dynamics Company Network. Instead of travelling to Chennai Daily, user can connect to MS Dynamic Company of Chennai using Remote. This functionality can be acheived using VPN. "Connecting to other network from a remote Place" --> VPN


I dont know in which event you are trying to this? But if it is a grid related event you can use findControl or BindingContainer to retreive textbox Value

IF the orderid is AutoGenerated Column, afer insert get the value by calling MAX Function. Or use Stored Procedure Out Parameters (But this may completely change your code).

Look into these lines clearly

        command.Parameters.Add("@OrdID", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 15);

        **Why are using the above Line?** And you are not ppassing any value to this, so whats the use of passing Order ID?

        command.Parameters.Add("@CustID", SqlDbType.VarChar, 15);
        command.Parameters["@CustID"].Value = cmbCust.SelectedText;
        command.Parameters.Add("@OrdDt", SqlDbType.DateTime);
        command.Parameters["@OrdDt"].Value = dtOrdDt.Text;
        command.Parameters.Add("@ShipDt", SqlDbType.DateTime);
        command.Parameters["@ShipDt"].Value =dtShipDt.Text;

        sqlDataMaster.InsertCommand = command;

Check in the Chrome "Inspect Element" , whether your picture URL , is showing the correct path or not

@shefeekj. I went through your site.. your are sending SMS from Mobile., good concept.. but is this is the way the Ozeki is also using? or do they have any different approach of which provides a SMS getway (Webservice) to us.

To supress the refresh, try with an UpdatePanel once.. so that the required part updates, and the width size will not change

Check whether you r calling the right procedure or not. As per you code

      <asp:BoundField DataField="partyId" HeaderText="PARTY NAME"/>
      <asp:BoundField DataField="positionid" HeaderText="POSITION"/>

Your data Fields are showing "ID's". So you may be confused with your exisitng flow. So check the flow properly , give your alias names correctly in the you StoredProcedure and follow the same names in GridView also

This is simple. First check whether you are able to connect Sql Server through SSMS or not.If you are able to connect through SSMS, then there may be a problem in connection string. If you are not able to connect through SSMS, then you had some problem with SQL Environment.

I guess, the below link helps you,
[url]http://www.codeproject.com/KB/threads/csharp.aspx[/url]. try it out if you stuck post here, i will help you out


If i am not wrong, you are asking about grid view (ASP.NET). if yes this may help you. Use Header Style CSS and Footer style CSS with the position relative.


You had written your entire code in Constructor, Which says that, the code executes before the Form loads completely and your Pause function says that you are pausing the main thread, so that's why its taking 5 seconds time to load the Form and display the result. This looks like a monolithic Program, so you may not achieve your task in this pattern. Better option i suggest is to achieve your task is using threads.

  1. Don't touch the Main Thread. Let the Form Load. After the Form Loads, Create an Another Thread Ans start the thread

  2. Start the thread by calling the method where your methods read the data, and the display the test in Text Box and sleep the thread for every 5 seconds.