I have a medical situation also and keep an extensive amount of my own records on my phone.

For transferring data from my pc to my phone, Wi-Fi Droid works very well. It sets your phone as a server while activated and provides a URL in the app which you point your PC browser to. The web page it serves provides a comprehensive file manager utility for copying data back and forth. It doesn't use blue tooth. It uses your data plan or network connection, provided your network is under Wi-Fi, which it sounds like you have already done.

If you want to keep a comprehensive log of your phone calls, SMS Backup & Restore by Carbonite accesses the SMS or phone logs or both (your choice) and has features to upload the date to Google Docs or Dropbox. Third option would be access them from your phone using Wi-Fi Droid. The files are in XML and can be parsed by Excel into a human readable spreadsheet.

Hope this helps