Hi rubberman! Thanks for your thoughts!

I have actually identified a number of systems -- gaming machines, mostly -- on Amazon or Newegg that meet all my requirements in the $1300 range. And I have found a few that almost meet them in the $7-800 range. Plus my current computer is six years old, and it is time to replace it. The question is, can I get the price down to the $1000 level for which I was hoping.

Whether I can or not, I'll take another look at Amazon. But I think it is unwieldy to be uploading a 16 gig file from my home every time I want to do work. It's not like I have a T2 line.

Warmest regards, Andrew

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Hi Folks ā€“

I am trying to identify a good desktop primarily for use doing statistical computing with the R language. Not sure if I should be posting here or in custom builds or somewhere else. I have some very large files (Census & BLS stuff, mainly ā€“ as much as 14 gig in a file) and R likes to hold what it is working on in RAM, so I need to max out the RAM ā€“ I am thinking 16 gig to start, but with the expansion slots to go up to 64 if that proves to be necessary -- & plenty of hard disk space, at least 2 TB. Maybe a hybrid drive, or a small SSD as well? Though I think this is more of a nice-to-have than a have-to-have. & of course I need a motherboard that can handle that much RAM .

This project (Iā€™m writing open source software to study income inequality) is a budgetless labor of love. I work in the nonprofit sector and am between jobs right now, so I want a least-cost system given my needs and reasonable reliability. It does not need to be blazingly fast, and I will not be doing gaming or CAD. I am guessing that an I5 system or the equivalent AMD is probably more than adequate. I would prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8. It is my understanding that I need Windows 7 Professional or better to handle that much RAM. Is this correct?

Since ...


Dear Simeon--

Thanks so much for picking up the ball on this. Yes, I am still having trouble. I have a number of programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, that detect and install their own upgrades. Frequently, these fail, because the program looks for something -- I do not know what -- on the no-longer existanrt network, which it of course can not fined. There areother problems, all of which I believe to be related to group policies.

I am now my own administrator, but unfortunately, I have no training in this. Please forgive me if I need to ask very basic questions.

I do not know what privileges I have under the John-PC profile. Can you tell me how to find out?

I do not know the password for that profile, if it is different. Can I learn what it is, or reset it, with the administrator password? Or create a new profile unconnected to the network? Note that all the profiles that exist on this machine were created when the machine was on the network.

If I installed a program under this profile, will it continue to work under a different profile?

How do I change from a domain to a workgroup?

What I really want, besides making sure my software keeps working, is to get out of the old group policies that still control this machine. My security settings, update settings and i believe a lot of other things, are all controlled by policies set on a network ...


MadDogSh? Are you there? --CW


Dear MadDog--
You write:
[QUOTE=MadDogSh;1305485]First, I really must apologize if I'd sound too nosy, but without some questions about several facts I can't start any help.

Please, no apologies. I am delighted to supply any information that is useful.


  • when you use your computer, do you use it as domain user, or even as domain administrator, or as local user, IIRC - as local administrator? Better to ask, however it might sound dull, how do you log on a computer?[/QUOTE]

I am afraid that you are already beyond my negligible understanding. But I'll tell you what I know.

When I lock the computer, there is a blue background with the words "Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to unlock the computer. RUR\Administrator is logged on." Following thes instructions, I then see blue background a with a square containing a yellow flower in the middle of it. Now, suppose my domain name were "RUR" (which it is not). Below the flower, it says "RUR/administrator". I then enter the administrator password, which for this discussion, we will call "R0ssum" <-(letter "o" replaced by numeral zero).

Using the same conventions, according to the "System" window in Control Panel, the full name of my computer is John-PC.RUR.local and the domain name is RUR.local.

Under the Control panel->System>Advanced System Settings->Advanced Tab->User Profiles->Settings dialog box, the profiles on this computer are account unknown (4GB), John-PC\John(32MB), and RUR\Administrator (56GB).

If you need more information, you'll probably have to tell me how to find it.

Warmly, ClimateWonk

PS. There ...

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The nonprofit think tank for which I spent the last seven years working on climate and energy policy has gone bankrupt. It is no more. The server is returned to the company that rented it to us, and the offices are closed and have new tenants.

As part of the shutdown, I agreed to compete work on a few grants without pay, mainly to preserve my own reputation with foundations I may need to work with in the future. My nonprofit gave me the laptop I have been using so that I could fulfill these obligations.

My computer is still on the work domain and governed by work policies, even though the network does not exist. It is behaving in a buggy manner, and I have reason to suspect this is related to bollixed network settings due slapdash changes in our last year of operation. I also want to remove

I have no IT support. I do have the administrator password. In fact, I am now using the Administrator account as my main and only normal account.

I would like to remove the domain and domain policies from the computer while keeping my data and installed programs. In particular, there is specialized econometric modeling software, including two different proprietary models of the economy of California, for which the disks somehow disappeared in the move out of the office and that it would be difficult for me to replace. I need these models to complete the work I have promised to ...