Virtual CLone Drive also works. And it's free.

calculateCharges is the function you have to write to determine how much a customer pays. You pass it the number of hours parked,

It seems that a further restriction would be that each district must have a population between two bounds. Densely populated urban areas would have smaller districts. Rural districts would have larger districts. At least my plan would eliminate the jigsaw districts. No plan is perfect but surely we can pick a plan that is fairer than what we have now.

@jduch - if you have some time to kill you might have a look at icaros. As a former Amiga owner you might find this interesting.

What you posted is not fully tested, reusable code. What you posted is a question which clearly falls under the default category of "discussion/question".

When you created this thread, right above the area where you pasted your code was:

DO NOT post code with errors or known bugs. Code snippets must be fully tested, reusable code to share with others.

Clearly you found those instructions confusing. Would you care to suggest alternate instructions?

Welcome to Daniweb. Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules, particularly the one about hijacking threads. I would also like to mention that if you want to use Daniweb to advertise (I removed your ad link) it would be polite to purchase an ad in order to help support the site.


Is splunge 21 a function call or a variable assignment? If you can't tell the difference by looking at it then it is not straightforward.

Instead of keywords, Tyl programmers use regular ASCII characters

While I am willing to forgive this in a language like APL which requires a special character set because of the dozens of primitive operators I think the requirement for either a specialized keyboard or editor to support this is a failure of Tyl.

lists and scalars are identified by the last letter 's' in their name

While this seems reasonable at firt glance (line is scalar and lines is a list), it falls apart when you realize that many singular words end in "s". For example, "boss". Maybe not the best example but you see the problem. And even under this restriction, how would you declare a list with one element and distinguish that from a scalar? You've already stated that

s 100

would be invalid. It seems to me that if you are going to have a language with no keywords you shouldn't restrict variable names like this.

BTW, make sure you are using a 3.x version of Python. Python 2.x is at end-of-life.

I recently had to give up using the Amiga

Awesome. My first "personal" computer was a C64. When the Amiga 1000 was released I couldn't buy it fast enough.

I don't know how Visual Basic compares to Gui4Cli. Why is it abandoned ?

I've never heard of Gui4Cli but I suspect it was abandoned because of a lack of support for .NET.

I miss the Amiga arexx interfaces

Yup. That was an amazing feature. I get by using AutoIt but ARexx was much more powerful. If you install AutoIt (it's free) you can script actions in the AutoIt scripting language, or through vbScript or Python using the AutoItX interface. Iv'e been doing this for years. If you need help with this please start a new thread with AutoIt as a tag.

I have python installed. Does wxpython replace it?

wxPython is simply another module that you can import from within a Python program. You install it by

python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install wxPython

Technically you don't need the first line but I frequently get messages saying "you really should update pip" so I run the first line to make sure I am always current. The documentation for wxPython can be confusing but there is a forum which is very helpful and there are a number of books I can recommend if you need.

That makes sense where there are lots and lots of comments although I don't recall ever having seen a post with that many.

In the future please use discussion/question (the default) for threads like this one. Code Snippet is reserved for sharing working, and hopefully well documented code with others.

I don't see the benefit of collapsible comments, but while we are on the subject of comments, could we display comments in chronological order? When I comment on a post that already has a comment I think my comment should go at the end of the list of comments, not at the beginning. Especially if my comment is referring to an already posted comment.

The language is poorly documented. For example, the variable naming rule was given as Token must end with a small-case letter: 's', followed by Attention: The letter: 's' is not valid for variable name!. According to the rule it clearly is valid.

In the example


prices variable will be defined as a list without items, and sum_total variable will have undefined type, which is considered 'NULL'.

No reason is given as to why these two items are treated differently.

Interesting that you added the tag Python for this thread. The website you linked to doesn't do justice to the language. Can you give us some idea as to what this language offers that is better than (for example) Python, Go, Swift, etc.?

My first impression after looking at the linked list example is that the code is difficult to read. It has been said that computer code is designed for humans to read and only incidentally for computers to execute. Based on that observation, Tyl seems to miss the mark on that. Granted, it is possible to write unreadable code in any language but from my brief exposure that seems to be a feature of Tyl. Not as bad as say APL or Perl. I am open to being convinced otherwise.

Problems with your post:

  1. You hijacked/revived a four-year-old thread
  2. You posted undocumented code
  3. You didn't post that code properly
  4. You demanded that someone do your work for you

You are basically acting rude and entitled. Good luck getting help with this.

When I go to the programming forum, the banner says "Join the Programming Group Chat - 188 members are chatting as of 20 Hours Ago", yet when I go there I see Dani was there Friday morning and bookday502 was there Dec 7. Where exactly are these 188 members who were chatting 20 hours ago?

France? For some reason I thought you were in the US.

The company that makes EpiPen (Mylan) increased the price for two pens from $100 to $600 between 2010 and 2016. Each pen contains only $1 of epinephrine. Generic versions such as Adrenaclick are available for as little as $10 a pen ($110 at CVS with a $100 discount coupon from the manufacturer), however in the US, if a doctor states EpiPen (brand name) on the prescription instead of epinephrine auto-injector (generic name) the pharmacist is not allowed to substitute the generic form. If you need a prescription for an auto-injector, make sure the doctor uses the generic name.

This restriction does not apply in Canada where pharmacists may substitute an equivalant generic product.

A slightly less restrictive but (I hope) still fair policy might be:

  1. All boundary lines must consist of straight line segments
  2. No district may have a major axis greater than 1.5 times its minor axis
  3. The major and minor axes must lie entirely within the district

Any topologists out there who can confirm the fairness of this?

Technically you were never a democracy. You were a republic. There are subtle but important differences. Differences notwithstanding, you are still pretty much f**ked. Not that we're that far behind you on the curve.

rproffitt commented: You're right. Is that a pun as well? (right?) Wow, too far right. +0

I've been following the latest efforts (in the US) of the GOP to unfairly redraw electoral boundaries and was considering how simple a law could be worded to ensure a more fair allocation of electoral districts. What I came up with is:

  1. All boundary lines must consist of straight line segments
  2. No district may contain an inside angle of greater than 180 degrees
  3. No district may have a major axis greater than 1.5 times its minor axis

I chose the 1.5 number as a starting point. Do the above three restrictions effectively eliminate the tetris/dragon style maps?

I suggest that instead of posting a low-res, blurry, hard to read screen cap of your code you copy/paste your actual code. Some people may actually go to the trouble of testing code locally and being able to copy the code from here ensures that they are testing the same code that you are running.

As a rule, when I get an error the first thing I do is examine the actual sql command string.

On the plus side, nothing associated with Trump could in any way be deemed "cultural" so that wouldn't be classified as a war crime.

GOP accuses Democrats of dirty politics because they are following the constitution and rules of the senate.

We’re not going to let Nancy Pelosi use the rules of the Senate to her advantage. This is dangerous to the presidency as an institution. ... If we don’t get the articles this week, then we need to take matters in our own hands and change the rules. - Lindsey Graham

It's unclear how he can accomplish this because he needs 67 votes in the Senate to change Senate rules. They don't even pretend to play fair anymore.

For future reference, please post text intead of a lo-res, blurry, hard to read image of text. Some of us are dinosaurs with somewhat less than 2020 vision.

The OP hasn't been on this site in 5 years so don't expect a reply.

You don't know how to do this, yet your signature advertises you as an ASP.Net Developer. Do you see the problem here?

rproffitt commented: In their profile, 50-99 employees. I guess this company does not work well together. +15

I've read a lot of books about Python and by far the best one for beginners is Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional by Magnus Lie Hetland.

PS: Merry Christmas

Either the example contained an error or you entered it improperly. It should read

int main(void)
    void rev();
    printf("Enter a line of text:\n");
void rev()
    char c;

Simply put, rev keeps calling itself to input a new char until it finds a newline. Each new char is pushed onto the stack. When it finds a newline it prints each char on the top of the stack until the stack is empty. Work through it by hand (maintaining your own stack) and you will see how it reverses the string.