Typically there is a Dell app which will tell you the battery health. You should find it on your taskbar. Right click and select Dell Power Manager. Some batteries also have a button which will indicate battery health when pressed via 1-5 LEDs.

Dell power cables also have a sense wire which is prone to breaking with repeated flexing. When it breaks your computer can no longer tell what type of battery it is talking to.

Finally, if the problem is with a motherboard component (connector or otherwise) a new battery may not help. This was the case with my Inspiron 1720. I replaced the battery and it still wouldn't charge. Fortunately it still works just fine on AC power.

What do you mean by "first time"? Do you mean

  1. first time after you install the framework
  2. first time after you boot Windows

Depending on what you mean it could be that certain components must either be initialized (such as after an install) or loaded into memory (such as after a boot). Some applications like Google Chrome leave threads running in the background after first use (after booting/logging on) in order to speed up loading/running on successive use.

But it's better if you post in an approprite section. For example, programming questions should be asked in the programming section, etc.

What does all slots have to do with this error?

Probably nothing so I removed it.

rproffitt commented: Thanks for that. When folk drop a site like that, it makes me think they are spamming. +15

In an admin shell type

cacls %temp% /G everyone:f

/G replaces existing ACLs whereas /E edits (modifies) existing ACLs

I generally compose anything of length with MarkDownPad (free) and then copy/paste once I have the formatting correct. It also saves me from having to retype anything in the event of a posting error.

I get an error message when I used this code

Then why not post the error message and identify the line that throws it?

Why not start with the simplest case. Create a textbox for one set of the IP address digits and use the keystroke events to restrict entry to only digits and values from 0-255. Once you have the logic for that you can expand to the full case. If you know how, you can subclass the TextBox control and build up a new IP address control from there.

And that "one" should not be VB6.

A couple of approaches, all of which involve reading each line and Splitting on the space that separates each field. Create a SortedList where the key is the name and the value is an array of the remaining elements. Copy the names to a listbox and when the user selects one, use that value as the key in SortedList to retrieve the remaining fields to populate the display.

Another would be essentially the same except you create a Class to define the fields instead of an array.

There are a lot of ways to approach this. You just have to pick one that suits your skill level.

So, basically, you want us to do everything except the actual file I/O? What, exactly, will you learn if we do that?

Or you could install ImageMagick and if the uploaded image is too large it could automatically resize it. That's what I use to auto-resize/shrink images when I email them. It's a simple one-line command.

rproffitt commented: ImageMagick is indeed a powerful tool. Makes quick work of many tasks. +0

I have a Dodge Grand Caravan with separate temperature controls for driver/passenger. We go to the cottage at Shebandowan Lake for 4 months of the year and last spring, a week before leaving, the passenger side control stopped working. It was stuck on "heat" regardless of the dial position. Dodge said they'd fix it but the earliest date was the day before we were set to leave and I wasn't about to bring it in fully packed so we left it. I found out from a friend later that summer that the "fix" was to turn both dials in sync slowly to cold-heat-cold-heat. Once I did that the passenger side reset and worked properly. The van was off warrantly and they likely would have charged me $200 to "fix" it. Apparently it is a known (and not uncommon) problem with the firmware which they refuse to permanently fix.

We took a Tesla for a test drive this summer when we were in Cambridge, UK. When they open a dealership in Winnipeg I'm getting one.

And what, exactly, would you learn by plagiarizing someone else's homework?

agilisayev commented: I'm try this example for my homework but ,but I can't do it, +0
rproffitt commented: I think the learning comes a few years later. Delaying the inevitable. +15

OK. Better when I'm not logged in but the waffle still isn't obvious. Perhaps a line at the top could indicate that the waffle presents a site menu for more content options.

Good point. I'm always logged in so I tend to forget. LMGBTYOT.

My only comment is that when you go to the home page all you see is a few random posts. In order to get an idea of what the site is about you have to click on the waffle and in my opinion that is not an obvious action.

Looks like Mueller was just granted a six-month extension on his investigation. He was due to produce his report before the end of February and now that has been pushed to the end of August. It may just be me, but I'm starting to consider the possibility that he will find some way to delay the final report until after the 2020 election.

I have had three problems with Windows Update over the years. The troubleshooter has been unable to resolve any of them.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. What one change would you most like to see at Daniweb.com?

Computers usually come configured with several partition, to wit:

  1. Recovery (not accessible through Windows)
  2. Diagnostics (ditto)
  3. C: (Windows/apps/user files)

I've told family and friends that I will halp them maintain their computers as long as I can get at them before they are first used. Here is what I do

  1. Boot Macrium Reflect from a USB stick and take a complete disk image
  2. Boot the new computer & do mandatory setup (user name, etc)
  3. Install Macrium Reflect and EaseUS
  4. Shrink C: & create D: (using EaseUS)
  5. Relocate user files (documents/pictures/vides/etc) to D:
  6. Install a few utilities (Speccy,CCleaner,PSTools,etc)
  7. Make sure Windows is up to date & anti-virus is installed
  8. Create a full image of C: and save to D:\Images

If they want I can help them install some apps, then do a CCLean and take another C: image

Generally I ask them to provide a USB stick of sufficient size to hold the C: image file. Now if they brick their system I can always quickly get them back to a functioning system with an image restore. I stress the importance of backing up their personal files but if they don't take my advice that's just too bad. I typically have to restore a system image on my father-in-law's computer 2-3 times per year. Note that with user files on D, restoring a C image doesn't result in loss of data.

Too many folk today just want to use the ...

rproffitt commented: I'm sure you've heard it all. Such as "At work I never had to backup or do any of this." or "Apple ... (something.)" +15

Try zipping it before you upload it.

I wish everything was easier ^_^

eris23 commented: It runs on VirtualBox within Windows (or Linux, etc). You can set it up to mimic various Android devices. Plus...install Gapps. +0

Got it working. Thanks for the help.

I uninstalled then reinstalled AS and started a new project with the bare minimum interface. At least I now have a tools -> virtual device manager option so I'll work with that for a while.

I followed the install procedure and it failed to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable so the advmanager.bat file wouldn't work. using some menu in Android Studio is too vague to help (I apologize if I sound ungrateful) and when I fired up AS to start hunting through menu items it just sat ther spinning with "Waiting for build to finish" even though I haven't tried to build anything.

Looks like that option is far more complex than I need. The first step was to run

emulator -list-avds

to list the available AVDS. My list came up empty. However, emulator -help game me a list of 200 or so options and switches. While I would like to run an emulator, am not willing to invest several weeks in figuring this out. Thanks anyway. I'll spend my time figuring out the VerifyFitPro for which there is almost zero documentation (thatincludes the Android App as well).

I would have likely been fired if I gave my users a custom app with the instructions "You f##king figure it out.

But I'm not bitter.

Well, I installed Android Studio and it does not include an emulator.

My wife got a VeryfitPro fitness monitor for Christmas. I have the app loaded on my Android (6) phone and was hoping to install a companion app on my Windows 10 laptop but the only thing available is to install an Android emulator on Windows 10 then load the phone app into that. I did a google search and found a list of the 7 best emulators. The list was

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Remix OS Player
  3. Droid4x
  4. MEmu
  5. Nox Player
  6. AMIDuOS
  7. Windroy

I tried Bluestacks and ended up at an online poker site.

Remix resulted in This site can’t be reached

Droid4x gave me Failed to load page content

At this point I was sensing a pattern so perhaps soneone out there can recommend a decent and free emulator.

I can give that a try, but, being a Microsoft offering, I suspect that I'd still have to download the update 4-5 times before I figured out how to set up as they suggest. Also, I already have trouble moving files from machine to machine because of access rights. When I was in IT i was a domain admin so access was never a problem. Now I'm just "dad" with no inherent rights.

And, unfortunately, I have to download it three times to update three machines. I can't just get it once then update from a local copy.