If you have errors then fix them. If you wan't more help then tell us what errors you are getting. I can see several but I think you could go to the trouble of adding more information.

I just cannot believe how stupid people are.

I don't know about Europe, but in the US politics is treated like any other sport. As long as your team wins you don't give a shit what they do after.

I often wondered why so many of Trump's supporters keep supporting him even after they have obviously been negatively impacted - like the northern farmers losing big time because of the new tarrifs. All I can think is that they have been convinced that a little pain and suffering on their part is tolerable as long as those in the "other tribe" are suffering even more.

There is a big difference between

Could somebody help me out with programming a Tic Tac Toe game?


I would love to have to have the code

The first is "I'm stuck here" and the second is "I don't want to bother to learn anything. Please do it for me." At least you admit that it is for an assignment.