I get an error message when I used this code

Then why not post the error message and identify the line that throws it?

Why not start with the simplest case. Create a textbox for one set of the IP address digits and use the keystroke events to restrict entry to only digits and values from 0-255. Once you have the logic for that you can expand to the full case. If you know how, you can subclass the TextBox control and build up a new IP address control from there.

I have a Dodge Grand Caravan with separate temperature controls for driver/passenger. We go to the cottage at Shebandowan Lake for 4 months of the year and last spring, a week before leaving, the passenger side control stopped working. It was stuck on "heat" regardless of the dial position. Dodge said they'd fix it but the earliest date was the day before we were set to leave and I wasn't about to bring it in fully packed so we left it. I found out from a friend later that summer that the "fix" was to turn both dials in sync slowly to cold-heat-cold-heat. Once I did that the passenger side reset and worked properly. The van was off warrantly and they likely would have charged me $200 to "fix" it. Apparently it is a known (and not uncommon) problem with the firmware which they refuse to permanently fix.

We took a Tesla for a test drive this summer when we were in Cambridge, UK. When they open a dealership in Winnipeg I'm getting one.

And what, exactly, would you learn by plagiarizing someone else's homework?

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I wish everything was easier ^_^

eris23 commented: It runs on VirtualBox within Windows (or Linux, etc). You can set it up to mimic various Android devices. Plus...install Gapps. +0

Got it working. Thanks for the help.

I uninstalled then reinstalled AS and started a new project with the bare minimum interface. At least I now have a tools -> virtual device manager option so I'll work with that for a while.

I followed the install procedure and it failed to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable so the advmanager.bat file wouldn't work. using some menu in Android Studio is too vague to help (I apologize if I sound ungrateful) and when I fired up AS to start hunting through menu items it just sat ther spinning with "Waiting for build to finish" even though I haven't tried to build anything.

Looks like that option is far more complex than I need. The first step was to run

emulator -list-avds

to list the available AVDS. My list came up empty. However, emulator -help game me a list of 200 or so options and switches. While I would like to run an emulator, am not willing to invest several weeks in figuring this out. Thanks anyway. I'll spend my time figuring out the VerifyFitPro for which there is almost zero documentation (thatincludes the Android App as well).

I would have likely been fired if I gave my users a custom app with the instructions "You f##king figure it out.

But I'm not bitter.

Well, I installed Android Studio and it does not include an emulator.

My wife got a VeryfitPro fitness monitor for Christmas. I have the app loaded on my Android (6) phone and was hoping to install a companion app on my Windows 10 laptop but the only thing available is to install an Android emulator on Windows 10 then load the phone app into that. I did a google search and found a list of the 7 best emulators. The list was

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Remix OS Player
  3. Droid4x
  4. MEmu
  5. Nox Player
  6. AMIDuOS
  7. Windroy

I tried Bluestacks and ended up at an online poker site.

Remix resulted in This site can’t be reached

Droid4x gave me Failed to load page content

At this point I was sensing a pattern so perhaps soneone out there can recommend a decent and free emulator.

Glad to help.

I see you tagged this with both vb.net and visual-basic-6. The syntax for MessageBox differs between the two versions. Google "message box" with the version you are using to get the correct syntax. Based on the syntax of the line

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()

I'll assume you are using vb6 in which case the syntax is

MsgBox(Prompt, [Buttons as VbMsgBoxStyle], [Title], [HelpFile], [Context]))

and you can get away with

MsgBox("The form has been sent")

You can use MessageBox. There are 21 variations but the most basic is

Dim result = MessageBox.Show("one or more lines of text")

The value of result depends on how the box is closed. This, in turn, depends of which combination of buttons you specify. Check out the intellisense popup after you press the opening (.

The problems just kept piling up. Calibre kept reporting a communication error and nothing was showing up in Explorer so I reset to factory and started from scratch. Everything is working as expected. Of course I now know how to open txt files as html.


As a closing gripe, when I cable to the phone I can open Explorer to the SD card. Even though I have copied several files to the card and can open them on the phone, the Explorer window shows no files present.

Figures. Android comes with a file explorer but I have to install another one. With all the crap that came bundled I am getting "low storage" notifications. I installed a 32 gig SD card but apparently I have only two options

  1. Install it as secondary storage
  2. Install and format as extended internal storage

Option 2 takes care of the low storage warnings but I lose access when I cable to my laptop USB. I'll leave it as secondary storage and just copy my docs to the SD card. Now that I can open them as html that is no longer a problem. I guess this thread is as solved as it's going to get. Thanks for the feedback.

OK. I have a workaround. If I

  1. Press menu
  2. swipe left
  3. press Settings
  4. Scroll down
  5. Press Storage & USB
  6. Scroll down
  7. Press Explore
  8. Select Docs
  9. Press medical history.txt
  10. Press Open with HTML Viewer

The file opens and displays properly. And now I can get the same option directly through File Explorer.

This is just fucking nuts.

No. It's more like being dropped into a foreign land without a phrasebook and no way to speak the language. The biggest hurdle is not learning a new way to do things, it's trying to get the information on how to do things a new way. None of this shit appears to be written down anywhere.

Doesn't really help. Somehow a simple operation like

  1. Copy my file to my phone
  2. Look at it

has become a technical nightmare. In any case, using the complicated procedure, I still end up with a file on my phone that I can't look at offline. Am I the only one who sees the problem here?

I connected the phone via USB then browsed to Internal Storage and created the folder Docs. I then copied medical history.txt to that folder. When I use the phone's file manager to open the file it says saving, then Upload/Conversion Error. An error has occurred while trying to upload and convert your document.

I tried File Manager -> Copy then Monospace -> Paste resulting in a Monospce document of length 0.

I tried File Manager -> Send to -> Monospace

I tried File manager -> Copy to clipboard then Monospace -> Paste

All result in a 0 length document.

Is this really the best modern tech can offer?

How did it hppen that I can't look at a file on my phone unless I am online?

After saying for the last 10 years that I would never own a cell phone (I had enough of that spending many years on call), I finally broke down and got one. It is a Figo (Speak Out) Android (Marshmallow) phone that allows me to buy a block of minutes without having to pay monthly fees. Basically I can use it as much or as little as I want and just pay for what I use.

My first complaint was the almost complete lack of documentation. It is a royal pain in the ass figuring out what every little (microscopic, actually) icon means.

My second complaint is how piss poor bluetooth seems to work. I don't know if it's a problem with Windows 10 or the phone but it seems that every attempt to transfer a file requires 20-20 minutes of fighting, removing, recreating bluetooth connections, and reconnecting again and again.

But a major complaint is for a problem that shouldn't be problem. I have been under the care of the good doctors for some years now for chronic cancer and I have decided that it would be a good idea to keep a medical history summary on my phone and carry it with me to all my appointments. Apparently the doctors here do not understand that that's what my medical file is for. In any case, after fighting with bluetooth (see above) Ii got the file "medical history.txt" transferred to my phone. Unfortunately, every attempt to access this file ...

I wasn't trying to overly complicate things. I assumed this is for an assignment and I've lost points because the marker said "you didn't consider...". I suppose the easiest thing would be to use a regular expression that matches only words that start with an upper case letter. Then all you have to do is process them two at a time. The regex for that is \b[A-Z][a-z]+\b. That would reduce

Jack Jones, Gracie Burns and George Burns have three days in...

to a collection consisting of

Gracie Burns
George Burns

or you could use the regexp \b[A-Z][a-z]+ [A-Z][a-z]+\b which would give you full names collected as

Jack Jones
Gracie Burns
George Burns

You can start by googling how to convert node js script to exe

All of the strings have the names at the start of the line:

That may be the case but how do you know where the name(s) end. For example:

  1. Joe Smith will be attending.
  2. Joe Smith and family will be attending.

How do you determine whether or not and denotes the end of a name or separates two names?

While it's easy for a human to pick out the names by context, it's not so easy for code. How can you determine where the names end and the rest of the sentece begins? What constitutes a name? Is a name always a first name and a last name where both are single words? Without knowing the parameters you won't be able to parse the names.

The OP replied by PM (a no no) that he had mistyped the table name.

Are you sure you don't want 'sadasdsad','4' instead of 'sadasdsad''4'?

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I found it was safe to not rely on default behaviour. Pre-2008 (before retirement) the scripts I wrote/maintained had to bulk insert 8000+ records at a time. In order to maintain consistency I would massage the data and add a date/time field to the records. That way I could guarantee the accuracy of the date/time without having to rely on SQL. Also, any delay in the process would not affect the timestamps.