Virtual CLone Drive also works. And it's free.

calculateCharges is the function you have to write to determine how much a customer pays. You pass it the number of hours parked,

What you posted is not fully tested, reusable code. What you posted is a question which clearly falls under the default category of "discussion/question".

When you created this thread, right above the area where you pasted your code was:

DO NOT post code with errors or known bugs. Code snippets must be fully tested, reusable code to share with others.

Clearly you found those instructions confusing. Would you care to suggest alternate instructions?

Welcome to Daniweb. Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules, particularly the one about hijacking threads. I would also like to mention that if you want to use Daniweb to advertise (I removed your ad link) it would be polite to purchase an ad in order to help support the site.


Is splunge 21 a function call or a variable assignment? If you can't tell the difference by looking at it then it is not straightforward.

Instead of keywords, Tyl programmers use regular ASCII characters

While I am willing to forgive this in a language like APL which requires a special character set because of the dozens of primitive operators I think the requirement for either a specialized keyboard or editor to support this is a failure of Tyl.

lists and scalars are identified by the last letter 's' in their name

While this seems reasonable at firt glance (line is scalar and lines is a list), it falls apart when you realize that many singular words end in "s". For example, "boss". Maybe not the best example but you see the problem. And even under this restriction, how would you declare a list with one element and distinguish that from a scalar? You've already stated that

s 100

would be invalid. It seems to me that if you are going to have a language with no keywords you shouldn't restrict variable names like this.

Problems with your post:

  1. You hijacked/revived a four-year-old thread
  2. You posted undocumented code
  3. You didn't post that code properly
  4. You demanded that someone do your work for you

You are basically acting rude and entitled. Good luck getting help with this.

The company that makes EpiPen (Mylan) increased the price for two pens from $100 to $600 between 2010 and 2016. Each pen contains only $1 of epinephrine. Generic versions such as Adrenaclick are available for as little as $10 a pen ($110 at CVS with a $100 discount coupon from the manufacturer), however in the US, if a doctor states EpiPen (brand name) on the prescription instead of epinephrine auto-injector (generic name) the pharmacist is not allowed to substitute the generic form. If you need a prescription for an auto-injector, make sure the doctor uses the generic name.

This restriction does not apply in Canada where pharmacists may substitute an equivalant generic product.

Technically you were never a democracy. You were a republic. There are subtle but important differences. Differences notwithstanding, you are still pretty much f**ked. Not that we're that far behind you on the curve.

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I suggest that instead of posting a low-res, blurry, hard to read screen cap of your code you copy/paste your actual code. Some people may actually go to the trouble of testing code locally and being able to copy the code from here ensures that they are testing the same code that you are running.

As a rule, when I get an error the first thing I do is examine the actual sql command string.

On the plus side, nothing associated with Trump could in any way be deemed "cultural" so that wouldn't be classified as a war crime.

For future reference, please post text intead of a lo-res, blurry, hard to read image of text. Some of us are dinosaurs with somewhat less than 2020 vision.

The OP hasn't been on this site in 5 years so don't expect a reply.

You don't know how to do this, yet your signature advertises you as an ASP.Net Developer. Do you see the problem here?

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I've read a lot of books about Python and by far the best one for beginners is Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional by Magnus Lie Hetland.

1) Which while?
2) Which line?

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  1. No more Trump(s)
  2. Media that doesn't pretend there are two sides to every story for fear of being called biased (as if there is anything wrong with being biased in favour of the facts).
  3. Fair elections.
  4. Serious consequences when the media or a politician knowingly reports false information.
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We don't do your homework for you.

Hi back from someone whose grandparents came to Canada from the Netherlands many years ago.

Gotta love how the GOP just keeps inventing rules. The latest one reasons that because no president has ever been impeached during his first term, we should not impeach Trump.

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What is "reminiscence space"?

There's an amusing old story about how all those files got there...

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It is not gone as a scripting language, only as a browser scripting language. You can still write code to run under cscript.exe and wscript.exe.

Or you could subtract the random number mod 3. That makes it easier to keep it within the given range.

x = new random number in range (-25,43)
x = x - x mod 3
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That sounds more like the Martingale betting system for roulette.

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Holy crap. Great to see you in the forums again. I've had not a great year. More surgery in January and 7 weeks of radiation in March/April but things have settled down again and we've beaten the wolf back from the door. I have been trying to hunt down ddanbe because he hasn't checked in in a while. He hasn't been responding to his regular email. While I was checking up on him it occurred to me that we haven't heard from you in ages. How have you been? I'm sure you'll notice a big difference since the last time you were here.

Is it possible to build an MLM Mobile App from scratch?

It's not only possible. It's also easy. Just find four programmers who each find four programmers who each...

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Looking at the posting activity you, rproffitt, and I may be the only active remanents


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The Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on Trump's loans has committed suicide, possibly in anticipation of being called to testify during the impeachment hearings. I suppose an obvious question would be was this an Epstein-style suicide?

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The most important skill you will learn in school is the ability to learn on your own. If you can't pick up new skills in school with a teacher then you likely will fail at this on your own. In today's high tech world that would put you a lot lower on the employable scale than someone who doesn't lack that ability. In your career you will be asked to do many things you have little or no interest in doing. Get used to it.

What error message, and on what line?

Try changing your constraint to

CONSTRAINT  CheckDebute   CHECK (DebuteDate  Between 1950 and 2099),
CONSTRAINT  CheckDisband  CHECK (DisbandDate Between 1950 and 2099));

I had to insert the rows separately as sqlite doesn't support the same multi-row insert syntax but I did not get any duplication errors. You also might want to use varchar(100) instead of char(100). You'll save a lot of space.