Typically there is a Dell app which will tell you the battery health. You should find it on your taskbar. Right click and select Dell Power Manager. Some batteries also have a button which will indicate battery health when pressed via 1-5 LEDs.

Dell power cables also have a sense wire which is prone to breaking with repeated flexing. When it breaks your computer can no longer tell what type of battery it is talking to.

Finally, if the problem is with a motherboard component (connector or otherwise) a new battery may not help. This was the case with my Inspiron 1720. I replaced the battery and it still wouldn't charge. Fortunately it still works just fine on AC power.

But it's better if you post in an approprite section. For example, programming questions should be asked in the programming section, etc.

What does all slots have to do with this error?

Probably nothing so I removed it.

rproffitt commented: Thanks for that. When folk drop a site like that, it makes me think they are spamming. +15

I get an error message when I used this code

Then why not post the error message and identify the line that throws it?

Why not start with the simplest case. Create a textbox for one set of the IP address digits and use the keystroke events to restrict entry to only digits and values from 0-255. Once you have the logic for that you can expand to the full case. If you know how, you can subclass the TextBox control and build up a new IP address control from there.

So, basically, you want us to do everything except the actual file I/O? What, exactly, will you learn if we do that?

Or you could install ImageMagick and if the uploaded image is too large it could automatically resize it. That's what I use to auto-resize/shrink images when I email them. It's a simple one-line command.

rproffitt commented: ImageMagick is indeed a powerful tool. Makes quick work of many tasks. +0

And what, exactly, would you learn by plagiarizing someone else's homework?

agilisayev commented: I'm try this example for my homework but ,but I can't do it, +0
rproffitt commented: I think the learning comes a few years later. Delaying the inevitable. +15
  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. What one change would you most like to see at Daniweb.com?

Computers usually come configured with several partition, to wit:

  1. Recovery (not accessible through Windows)
  2. Diagnostics (ditto)
  3. C: (Windows/apps/user files)

I've told family and friends that I will halp them maintain their computers as long as I can get at them before they are first used. Here is what I do

  1. Boot Macrium Reflect from a USB stick and take a complete disk image
  2. Boot the new computer & do mandatory setup (user name, etc)
  3. Install Macrium Reflect and EaseUS
  4. Shrink C: & create D: (using EaseUS)
  5. Relocate user files (documents/pictures/vides/etc) to D:
  6. Install a few utilities (Speccy,CCleaner,PSTools,etc)
  7. Make sure Windows is up to date & anti-virus is installed
  8. Create a full image of C: and save to D:\Images

If they want I can help them install some apps, then do a CCLean and take another C: image

Generally I ask them to provide a USB stick of sufficient size to hold the C: image file. Now if they brick their system I can always quickly get them back to a functioning system with an image restore. I stress the importance of backing up their personal files but if they don't take my advice that's just too bad. I typically have to restore a system image on my father-in-law's computer 2-3 times per year. Note that with user files on D, restoring a C image doesn't result in loss of data.

Too many folk today just want to use the ...

rproffitt commented: I'm sure you've heard it all. Such as "At work I never had to backup or do any of this." or "Apple ... (something.)" +15

Try zipping it before you upload it.

I wish everything was easier ^_^

eris23 commented: It runs on VirtualBox within Windows (or Linux, etc). You can set it up to mimic various Android devices. Plus...install Gapps. +0

That doesn't narrow it down much. Are you having a problem, don't know where to start?

Perhaps it's just me, but I couldn't make any sense of that explanation.

You might try shedskin which I found in 5 seconds via google.

As I recall from my old SQL days, the syntax is not

WHEN fld='value'
THEN var='other value'


SELECT fld1, fld2,
        WHEN fld2='val1' THEN 'new val1'
        WHEN fld2='val2' THEN 'new val2'

This maps database values for fld2 onto user specified values. Sorry I can't actually try this out. I haven't had SQL installed for some years.

rproffitt commented: And as the examples I read, FROM is done at the end. +0

And if you really feel compelled to install the update

  1. take an image first
  2. do a full backup of your data files

I do not understand why you cannot just use the Meet button and then type your message??

For two very good (IMO) reasons.

  1. Using Meet would require sending two messages, the first of which is a canned message that is cumbersome to change for special cases
  2. Using Meet sort of implies I want to make a connection. Usually I do not. As a moderator I just want to send a PM.

For example. let's say a member has posted something that i consider borderline inappropriate. I could

  1. lay on an infraction with a (system limited) brief message which would be visible to all. Or
  2. send a PM with a politely worded rebuke which would be visible to only the offending member

In the second scenario I would not want to prefix the PM with an intro PM with boilerplate text like "Jim wants to say hi." I really don't see what the proble is with the old method

  1. go to the member profile page
  2. enter a message and click Send

I do not understand why you would remove this capability from the moderators.

rproffitt commented: Thanks for elaborating. I can see why it turned out like this but the front page is something I just don't get. I bet many others don't get it either. +0

Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules and Suggestions For Posting Questions.

Pay special attention to the one that says Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules and Suggestions For Posting Questions.

Pay special attention to the one that says Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

An example of concise - to create a deck of cards (each card consisting of a value and a suit) you can do

deck ← ⊂[1](52⍴'A23456789TJQK'),[0.5](13⍴'S'),(13⍴'H'),(13⍴'D'),(13⍴'C')

where (13⍴'S'),(13⍴'H'),(13⍴'D'),(13⍴'C') generates SSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHDDDDDDDDDDDDDCCCCCCCCCCCCC and 52⍴'A23456789TJQK' generates A23456789TJQKA23456789TJQKA23456789TJQKA23456789TJQK and ⊂[1] gives the result

AS  2S  3S  4S  5S  6S  7S  8S  9S  TS  JS  QS  KS  AH  2H  3H  4H  5H  6H  7H  8H  9H  TH  JH  QH  KH  AD  2D  3D  4D  5D  6D  7D  8D  9D  TD  JD  QD  KD  AC  2C  3C  4C  5C  6C  7C  8C  9C  TC  JC  QC  KC

Once you have deck you can shuffle it by deck ← deck[52?52] where 52?52 generates 52 unique random integers from 1-52.

Yes, you can produce obtuse code, but you can also easily produce very clear code that accomplishes a great deal in just a few keystrokes.

jkon commented: wow +0


Pro: Extremely powerful syntax and rich set of primitive operators (80 or more) designed for mathematical manipulation.
Con: The epitome of write-once, read-never coding.

You can implement Conway's game of Life in one line. Powerful and concise syntax but I've never seen a language that approaches APLs ability to produce unreadable code.

If the diagnostics don't show anything you might try sfc /scannow from an admin cmd session.

Scans the integrity of all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with
correct Microsoft versions.

    [/OFFWINDIR=<offline windows directory> /OFFBOOTDIR=<offline boot directory> [/OFFLOGFILE=<log file path>]]

/SCANNOW        Scans integrity of all protected system files and repairs files with
                problems when possible.
/VERIFYONLY     Scans integrity of all protected system files. No repair operation is
/SCANFILE       Scans integrity of the referenced file, repairs file if problems are
                identified. Specify full path <file>
/VERIFYFILE     Verifies the integrity of the file with full path <file>.  No repair
                operation is performed.
/OFFBOOTDIR     For offline repair, specify the location of the offline boot directory
/OFFWINDIR      For offline repair, specify the location of the offline windows directory
/OFFLOGFILE     For offline repair, optionally enable logging by specifying a log file path


        sfc /SCANNOW
        sfc /VERIFYFILE=c:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll
        sfc /SCANFILE=d:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll /OFFBOOTDIR=d:\ /OFFWINDIR=d:\windows
        sfc /SCANFILE=d:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll /OFFBOOTDIR=d:\ /OFFWINDIR=d:\windows /OFFLOGFILE=c:\log.txt
        sfc /VERIFYONLY

I found a silly, but better way. A new member wanted his account deleted so I edited his request (without changing it) with the reason "You can delete your own account by going to your profile pages."

Of course it added the "This is an automated notification..." boilerplate but at least it avoided the "let's get acquainted" text. Sometimes you don't want to make a connection. Sometimes you just wanna send a message.

Before you reply "why didn't you just post that in the thread...", there is no guarantee that he would go to that thread and see it. With a PM he gets a popup the next time he goes to Daniweb.

rproffitt commented: That is much better. I too thought it weird how the new system ended up. +0

I see you tagged this with both vb.net and visual-basic-6. The syntax for MessageBox differs between the two versions. Google "message box" with the version you are using to get the correct syntax. Based on the syntax of the line

Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()

I'll assume you are using vb6 in which case the syntax is

MsgBox(Prompt, [Buttons as VbMsgBoxStyle], [Title], [HelpFile], [Context]))

and you can get away with

MsgBox("The form has been sent")

Based on the little information you provided, your code does exactly what it says it does. Of course, that's likely not what you wanted it to do. Perhaps if you provided a little more information like:

  1. What is this code supposed to do
  2. What is it actually doing
  3. What error messages (if any) are you getting
  4. Does it compile

In case anyone (other than the OP) is inclined to respond "it's obvious what the code is supposed to do", that may be the case but the OP has not gone to much effort in seeking help. I certainly would not take my car to a mechanic and say "fix this" without describing the problem.

Ana Mae commented: Sorry for the little infos. The purpose of this code is for searching, editing, adding, deleting, displaying, saving and shuffling the variables in an +0
rproffitt commented: The old "the computer did what you told it to do" problem. +15

You've posted code with almost no indication (other than the thread title) of what it does. If your program does something interesting then please explain what it does and how to run it. A code snippet is usually posted to educate. Without comments it doesn't do that.

rproffitt commented: I agree. Without comments or discussion this post has no pulse. "It's dead Jim" +0

If you aren't looking for a home-grown file finder, or if you don't need it integrated with other software, I suggest you have a look at the free Everything Indexer from voidtools. I gives you real-tme (vurtually) instant feedback on finding files and folders by name.

What part are you having trouble with?

Ilia_2 commented: I have problem with making Cell class and properties and queue too. +0

Looks like homework to me. So far the only effort you have shown is copy/paste. Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules and Suggestions For Posting Questions.

sony007 commented: yes it is , but I dont want you to write a code because I know its i along code and a lot of work . I want if someone can tell me how yo start +0