What have you tried so far?

Hmm, off the top of my head, name is depreciated. What browser are you trying? Swap out "name" for "id".

Also, try
[CODE]onclick="return clearVillage();"[/CODE]

Some browsers, (IE usually), likes the return keyword at times.


Check to ensure the button isn't calling the function before the function is declared. (i.e. is the function declared in the <head> tag?)

[QUOTE=tet3828;1369916]Thanks for your help! I'm finding this example very useful and will attempt to apply it to my project.

I just want to make sure I have a proper understanding of the code;

The top half is declaring the class and variables. get and set are bassically assigning null values. The first line of the second block of code declares a list class. the " ... " represent where the loop mechanism would be. new ImageFile creates a new object and the remaining lines; (after the equal signs) assign the properties.[/QUOTE]

This simple project puts the pieces together for you. I commented pretty much every line to explain how things work.

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Can you please verify the exact line and highlight it? I havn't see the addnew method used like that before, not saying it won't work, but just to make sure.

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Sounds like, sir, that you need more than a Forum. A specific item can certainly be addressed, but you really can't expect to learn how to create websites from a forum. [URL="

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[quote=StatiX;246917]I'm new to VB so my question is probably very simple. anyway here it is..

I want to make a side bar showing one form that is like a sidebar in a web page such as on the left side of the MDI form. Which holds the programs main functions .. Then once a button is pressed on that form, I want it to show the form that performs that action in the right pane. Without just popping up . I've tried setting the left property of the window popping up and the dimensions larger than the screen but it doesn't work , and when I set it to maximize on start, then it covers the left frame.

Any help appreciated.[/quote]

Sound like you need to add an image control to your MDI form. It will snap to either side or to top or bottom. Then you can add buttons, combo's and other controls to the image control. Or was it a picture control? Image or picture, only one will work, but that sounds like your solution.

Also, forms will automatically see the edge of your image control as the edge of the mdi form, so scroll bars will appear properly if the form goes behind the image control so users and scroll over to see it.

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[quote=shalini_roy]how do i add the numbers in a listbox and display it in another textbox?[/quote]
Create new project, add list1 and txtText1 to the form1 and paste:

[code]Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim x As Integer
Dim inx As Integer 'counter

List1.AddItem "1"
List1.AddItem "2"

For inx = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1
    x = x + CInt(List1.List(inx))
txtText1.Text = x

End Sub[/code]

[quote=sosco]yes it is! any shape you want, how many form you want....

look here:

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