Hi guys

Im wondering how it is possible to refresh the data on the page (read from php database), without having to refresh the whole page.

What i want i something similar to facebook and twitter, where it will say that new stuff has appeared. Instead of this though, i want it to just appear, instead of a box coming up with it appearing.

Instead of some messed up hard to understand guide, I would like a simple to understand, straight forward guide on how to do this,

Thanks guys.

oh... can't help you there. Have fun.


[CODE]Private Sub opendialog_FileOk(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs) Handles opendialog.FileOk
filenamefield.Text = opendialog.FileName
End Sub[/CODE]

opendialog = The file dialog
filenamefield = The textbox next to the button

just google something along the lines of "File association in VB" i did that a while ag and it woked. just cant remember the code

Hi clever people,

I need some help making a VB application which chooses a random line for a file, sets it as the value of a Label (word) and also adds it to a ListBox (list) when a Button (nextbut) is pressed. I also want it to keep going.

Button; Text: Next
Name: nextbut

Label; Name: word

Listbox;Name: list

What i need it to do is to load a line from a file ("C:\words.txt" for example) and set it as the value f the label. The lines are different lenghts.

Any hwlp would be highly appreciated

[QUOTE=breisa;1346177]Okay, here's the senario:

I want the form to hide when I click on the minimize button, then the notify icon will show up on the system tray. I have this piece of code:

(ntfLibSMS is the name of my notify icon)

Private Sub LibSMS_Resize(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Resize
If Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized Then
Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized
ntfLibSMS.Visible = True
End If

    Catch ex As Exception
        ErrorCodes.ErrorMessages("LibSMS_Resize()", ex.Message)
    End Try
End Sub


It doesn't work. T_T The form hides, but the notify-icon didn't appear... Any suggestions? Do you have any idea how I could fix this?[/QUOTE]


i suggest inserting a timer.
lets pretend that that the form is "Form" an the notify icon is "systrayico", the timer is "timer1"

enable the timer, make the notifyicon not visible, set the timer to an appropriate interval (eg 10ms) then insert this code

Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
If Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Minimized Then
systrayico.Visible = True
ElseIf Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal Then
systrayico.Visible = False
ElseIf Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized Then
systrayico.Visible = False
End If
End Sub[/CODE]

also, i had problems, as it wouldnt work for me without having already applied the icon

hey everyone

is it possible to set the opacity of a windows in a different application?

any help would be massivly appreciated