It depends on how you optimize.

Here are some social bookmarking sites that can help you. twitter, digg, Yahoo! Buzz, reddit, StumbleUpon, delicious, tweetmeme, mixx, FARK, Slashdot, friendfeed, clipmarks, newsvine, diigo, Propeller.

I think article submission is the best method to get indexed on google. Try to submit your article to Ezine and other major article directories.

These methods are no doubt advanced in the sense that they are new and progressive, sometimes more difficult than basic SEO or require special tools and expertise. Some of the tactics are no short term tactics, they’re probably strategies.

You have to be specific on the keywords you're using. Of course, it should be related to your business. You can use free keyword analysis tools online.

PPC brings traffic to a website through visitors clicking on an advert, every time the advert is clicked a charge is made to the advertiser while SEO, number of different factors relating to a website can be altered to make it appear higher in search engine rankings and therefore attract more visitors.