[QUOTE=spoonlicker;1473371]That's what I thought.

Watch what you say.[/QUOTE]
:icon_evil: Shut the hell up !!!

jonsca commented: No need for this -1

Is it supposed to be using namespace std;

[QUOTE=seanbp;1416172]Do you mean [B]from[/B] another program? If so what language is the other program written in? Usually a system call works but that's not the Java way.[/QUOTE]

is java. I know how to call it if it had a method name but since doesn't have one i can't seem to figure it out.

it did work man. can you write it.

Fbody commented: do it yourself, it's not that difficult -1

Java How to Program cover this. you should check the book out.

Ezzaral commented: You dug up this old thread to tell them to read about it in a book? -3