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My first post on this forum, long time lurker though. I'm running into a problem trying to search through an N-ary tree. I'm tasked with having the user input pairs of job titles and from there putting them into an N-ary tree, with the higher job titles at higher levels. I'm trying to write a function that will take the root and the desired job title and search through the tree and return where it's found so that I can insert the second job title under it. "parentnode" is the node in the tree where the first title entered can be found.

The function works good if I'm only dealing with one level (Ex. Input of President and Vice_President_1, and then President and Vice_President_2) but as soon as I try and put something under the second level, I get a segmentation fault. (Ex. Vice_President_1 and Sub_Manager_1). I believe it has to do with me trying to call the function recursively.

Here's the structure I'm working with:
struct node
char title[TITLE];
struct node neighbors; //This is the head of the LL that is the neighbors
struct node

Here's the function:
struct node searchtree(struct node root, char title1)
struct node
parentnode,sublevel, local;
int found=0;
printf("\nInside searchtree");
for(sublevel = root; ((sublevel != NULL)&&(found==0)); sublevel = sublevel->neighbors)
if(strcmp(sublevel->title, title1)==0) //Match detected
printf("\nMatch detected!");
parentnode = sublevel;
found = 1;
printf("\nReturning parentnode");
else if((sublevel->firstsubnode != NULL)&&(found==0)) //Go down one level ...